We seem to have a hit a run recently of reviewing lots of smart-tech. I don’t really know how that happened, but I’m not going to complain. One thing I have lamented is that I wish I had more smart-tech for my ass. And like a hallowed miracle, my wish was granted.

This isn’t my first techno-rodeo; I’ve dabbled with smart insertable before (the Vector springs to mind) but this one I was genuinely quite excited for, now I’ve experienced what Kiiroo and their FeelConnect technology can do. So when they asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Lumen for them, of course I said yes. Now I am a little late getting this review up, due to family concerns – but I am back and I’m going to to my best to hammer out some review this week, to get all of our content up to date.

So without much further ado, let’s just get straight on with the review.

I would like to thank Kiiroo for sending us the Lumen free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The Lumen is a small remote-controlled vibrating plug that also can sync up with other Kiiroo-enabled products, or your favourite interactive content or webcam performer. The plug can also be operated manually as just a standard vibrating plug (which for the most part, is how I mainly used the plug). It’s made from body-safe silicone and abs plastic and is USB rechargeable and is completely waterproof for easy, fuss-free cleaning.

The plug measures approx 3.5 inches of insertable length and a circumference of 4 inches around it’s widest point, making this a good plug for beginners. It has a tapered design to allow for easy insertion and has an elongated base that rests comfortably against the perineum, ensuring a decently comfortable fit. The Lumen is charged via USB and a 2.5 hr charge should give you 1 hour of playtime. You can connect the plug via the dedicated OhMiBod App or the FeelConnect App (both are iOS and Android compatible). Or you can operate it manually using the button on the base of the plug.

In Use

As I have already mentioned, the Lumen is a plug of many talents, so I’ll do my best to cover all the different uses in order to give you the best idea on whether this plug is for you. We’ll start with…

Solo/Manual Play

As with any new toy, I always like to give it a play through on my own – just so I can get a full idea of it’s function before I unleash it in the bedroom. For a manual plug, set up is quick and easy. Just press and hold the power button, and then press the button again and this should switch you on to manual control. This will allow you to cycle through the 4 speeds and 2 pulsing patterns that are available here.

Insertion was quick and comfortable with a little bit of lube, and the base did feel quite comfortable pressed up against my perineum. One the vibrations are on, there is a pleasant sensation as the vibrations are moderately powerful, although they are erring on the slightly hollow, buzzy end of the spectrum. The shaft is also quite short so it wasn’t really doing much to my prostate – but the sensation on it’s own was still very nice, and with a little genital stimulation, we reached a decent orgasm. It’s not the most exciting, but it’s not the worst.

App Control/Interactive Content

The next thing to try was with interactive content, after connecting it to the FeelConnect app. Set up is simple, and my Lumen was connected within seconds. The app allows me to control the Lumen much easier; as I’m not having to reach down and fumble for the button by my butt. I’ve long advocated for all butt toys to come with some sort of remote; as not all of us a flexible. The app responds quickly with little latency, and you have a much greater control over the vibrations which makes it a little more interesting. I can also hand the remote over to my husband and let him take control.

Connecting it to interactive content was simple as well; you need to use a desktop computer/laptop as you’ll need to scan a QR code using the app for the content you want to watch; but once connected – the plug vibrations in time with the action on the screen. Compared to our recent experience with a smart stroker; the vibrations seemed better timed to what was happening on screen. So whatever the bottom was feeling on screen, I was getting the feedback into my own butt – and that was far more enjoyable.

Dual Toy/Partner Control

With the FeelConnect app, you can connect multiple toys at the same time; so I had both my Pulse Solo Interactive and the Lumen all plugged in; and I was able to control both via the remote control. Control is limited here, but it was actually quite fun being able to slip the plug in, place the Pulse on my cock and just lay back and play with the remote; and get dual stimulation. Of course, you can do this without the app; but I would have to manually change all the settings and functions; where as here… it was easy as sliding one little button and oh my goodness… I was in heaven. That was definitely a noisy and very messy session.

We did have a few issues with the connection dropping; and sometimes the Lumen wouldn’t reconnect unless I restarted the FeelConnect app; but this only happened twice during our testing – and even then, it was a simple enough process to get up and running again. Sure, it can kill the mood a little bit, but thankfully it didn’t detail us completely.

Alternatively, I could have the Pulse over to my partner, get him to sign into his own connect account and allow him to play with the Pulse; and as he is doing his thing – it’s sending my Lumen wild. It was certainly a different experience and I can now understand the appeal of using these long distance. I know it’s not the same as being together in person; but knowing that what he was doing was directly stimulating me… yeah it’s a pretty hot thought. Alas, I cannot tell you how decent the connection is over a long-distance as that’s not a scenario that’s presented itself. If this ever changes, you will of course be the first to know.

But hold on… what about that flashing light at the bottom?

Oh yeah; one more thing – the Lumen has a little LED in the base. I couldn’t really work out whether it serves a specific purpose; other than letting you know what setting you are on. When in manual, it blinks when it’s not in operation; and then as you cycle through the speeds, it gets brighter. Then when you move to a pulsing pattern, it pulses too! I would imagine if you are giving some a little show on a webcam or even in the bedroom; it turns your butt into a little disco. Not really sure why you would want that but… it’s a feature we have and I’m just letting you know.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Lumen is fully waterproof, so can be washed with some soap and water and then carefully patted dry with a towel. The Lumen comes supplied with a little storage bag too (thank you! I love a little storage bag…) allowing you to keep the Lumen and it’s cable together.


Do I recommend the Lumen? Well, that depends on you really. In terms of the pros; it’s a good size making it accessible to a lot of people – however if you are someone who is quite experienced when it comes to anal toys; you may find this smaller size a little underwhelming. I wouldn’t say I was a complete size queen when it comes to anal toys; but I would love to see a larger version in the future. Not too big, mind – but I’d love to see something around the 5/5.5 inch circumference – it would certainly leave me feeling a little more satisfied.

The vibrations aren’t terrible; on it’s own its ‘meh’ but when you add in some interactive content, or pair it with another smart toy (like the Pulse), I wasn’t as upset by the vibrations. Personally, I would love to see them be a bit stronger, and a little rumblier – But it still did the job, and it did it fairly well.

Unless I’m mistaken, whilst I could connect both a Pulse and a Lumen to my app, I wasn’t able to experience the interactivity with a long-distance partner myself (I thought that would be quite cool) and unless I used my partners phone as well to connect on a separate app… if this isn’t a feature that’s in there; I’d like to see that added (basically I’d quite like to fuck myself so…). However if that feature is working and anyone can explain to me how that actually works… shoot me an email!

Where to Buy

You can grab your Lumen directly from Kiiroo where it’s on sale for £113 (but you can save 10% off the Lumen or anything on the Kiiroo store with code TBGR10). 

I would like to thank Kiiroo for sending us the Lumen free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you would like to support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links! It helps keeps the lights on and me caffeinated! It doesn’t cost you any extra and it really helps out. 

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