UK Sex Toy Retailer ‘Lovehoney’ is where I chipped my metaphorical tooth when it comes to sex toy reviews. It was also the first sex toy store I ever made a purchase from, way back in the early 00’s.

I was delighted when they sent me an email recently, asking if I would be open to working with them and they even created me my own personal discount code to share with my lovely readers (BIGGAYREV15) which will get you 15% off everything when you shop from the US or UK. To celebrate, Lovehoney ever so kindly sent over a huge bumper care package of products to review:

I had a few folks ask me about a specific item, and after I shared a quick little video, I knew this would be the first item we would post about. We’ve reviewed a similar item like this before; but when I took the Power Play Male Massage Wand Vibrator out of the box; I knew it was something a little more special. And I was genuinely surprised at how amazing this tiny but mighty wand was. So let’s not waste any more time and get right down to it… Grab a snack and your favourite beverage and let’s DIVE IN!

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Power Play Male Massage Wand Vibrator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The packaging is a simple cardboard box and inside you’ll find the wand and USB charging cable in sealed plastic bags (which is great for hygiene purposes).There’s no instruction manual but there are guidance notes on the outside of the packaging; and truthfully the functionality is so intuitive that you don’t really need one. The wand is made from silicone, and features a classic wand shape with flexible ‘arms’ on one side of the head, that are designed to grip the shaft/glans of a penis. There is a small amount of texture on the inside to add a little something extra in terms of sensation.

There are 3 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration, all accessed via the single button on the handle. There is also a travel lock, allowing you to travel with your new toy, safe in the knowledge it won’t go off by accident in your bag. It charges via USB and takes around 2.5 hours but will give you around 90 minutes of play. It’s nice and lightweight too, coming in at 179g. The wand head has a circumference of 5.25 inches and the ‘stroker’ section has an approximate diameter of 1.5 inches, but it’s not fully sealed so will flex to accommodate almost any size.

In Use

The day the package of products arrived, I hastily removed everything from their boxes so I could begin charging everything. The Power Play wand was one of the items I could not wait to test. So after I finished plugging everything else in, I decided to see what the toy could do straight out of the box. After deactivating the travel lock, I turned it on and was immediately blown away by how powerful the vibrations were; even on the lowest setting. This had to be a mistake; for the size of the wand I was honestly expecting the vibrations to be a little more on the feeble side – but oh no! They went there.

Without wasting any time, I unzipped my jeans, pulled my cock out and placed it, flaccid, into the flexible stroker wings. As I turned it on, I jolted with excitement. The way the vibrations resonated all around my dick had me groaning. As I quickly cycled through the 3 speed settings; I knew an orgasm was only moments away. I hadn’t even got fully hard before I was stifling the sounds of ecstasy (as the Mr was on a business conference call mere metres away). Oh damn, I thought to myself as I rooted around to find something to clean myself up.

The next time I took it for a spin; I kept the speed low and allowed the Power Play Wand to take me from flaccid to erect (which did not take too much time). With a fully engorged cock, the sensation changes a little; with those vibrations now being felt much deeper all around. With a good amount of lube, I experimented with all sorts of positions to see what felt the best. The vibrations really make the silicone wings grip you tightly. For me, the best position is with my frenulum resting against the back of the stroker. It doesn’t take long before I’m feeling that familiar sensation creeping its way before exploding in a stream of spunk that goes everywhere.

When I introduced it to my husband; he was also just as shocked as I was at how powerful this handheld device was. I decided to give him a little show; so as he lay across the bed – I stood leaning over his head and slipped my dick into the wand. As he watched from down below; I warned him that it wasn’t going to take long. Within a few moments of gliding the wand up and down my shaft, I unleashed another torrent of jizz all over his chest. Panting, I handed it over to him and said ‘your turn’. He slipped it over his own member and I watched him moving it all around; looking to find his prime position. And then he found it. I watched his toes curl and he began to shudder and soon his own ropes of spunk were mingling with mine. His hairy chest was glistening in the low light of the bedroom. “So what do you think?” I said to him, as I wobbled over to fetch us a towel. “Yup. That’s a keeper”.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Power Play Male Massage Wand Vibrator is completely waterproof, making clean-up an absolute breeze. There is no storage bag but to be fair, I don’t think this is going to be in ‘storage’ per se. This is definitely going in the bedside drawer as an absolute ‘must have’.


I think it’s safe to say that this was an unmitigated success. Rechargeable wand toys often cannot quite match the power of their mains-powered counterparts – but Lovehoney have succeeded in delivering some deeply powerful vibrations in a hand-held wireless unit. They’ve even done a decent job of dampening the vibrations in the handle. So whilst you can maybe feel them ever so slightly; it’s not enough for it to lead to case of numb hand. It’s also surprisingly quiet as well.

Whilst the Power Play has been designed for the penis, I definitely think this can be a multipurpose toy. There is still a decent area of the wand head that’s exposed and I think it would definitely work for some decent pointed stimulation for the clitoris. My only gripe is the fact the packaging uses ‘Male’ in the title. You could have easily marketed the product for its intended audience without specifically ‘gendering’ the product. Power Play Wand Stroker still has a great ring to it, you know? But despite that; I think this is a cracking little toy and I’ve used it at least twice already just trying to finish writing this review…

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Power Play Male Wand Massager from Lovehoney. If you use code BIGGAYREV15 at checkout, it will take 15% off the price! How cool is that? Not your vibe? Don’t worry; you can use the code on anything!

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Power Play Male Wand Massager free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you want to help support the blog and the work we do, please consider making your purchases through these links. It helps keeps the lights on and the coffee flowing. Thank you for your support! 

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