So this year, for the first time, we attended the Erotic Trade Only (ETO) Show up in Birmingham. For those who do not know, it’s a trade event for the adult industry to show off new and exciting product ranges in the adult novelty sector, all organised by the ETO Magazine.

This year, there was a big push as encouraging bloggers to attended, and the lovely Cara Sutra and Voluptasse hosted the #BlogSpot – a place where sex toy reviewers/bloggers/erotic writers could meet and chat, get great advice on blogging and just generally chill out and have a good time.

I am really annoyed with myself, because I had planned to take a load of awesome photos, so I could do a massive, in-depth write up – however, I got so carried away with browsing and talking to people, that I just completely forgot. I am so very sorry – however, I now know what to expect, so at ETO 2016, I will be prepared!!!

Upon arrival at the NEC in Birmingam, we walked down to the show with Rhiannon from That’s The Spot, who kindly assured us that we were going to fit in and have an awesome time. I was still hesitant about going, but she put my mind at rest. After printing our badges, we entered the exhibition space and I made a beeline for the #BlogSpot, where we were greeted by the lovely and gorgeous Hella from ElectraStim. We sat and had a good chat (and I may have had a cheeky mini bottle of wine) whilst we talked about the show, the blog and she kindly demoed the ElectraStim unit for us (review coming VERY soon).

We then said hello to Mel from Voluptasse, who kindly gave us our blogger goodie bags (more on that later) and I got to meet and say hello to the famous Cara Sutra (who went on to win ANOTHER ETO award that night – Congratulations!!).

Soon it was time to mingle, as I had promised I would stop by several stands to say hello to a few people.


We stopped by the Net1on1 Wholesale stand, where we had a lovely chat with Emma (who used to be my contact for We talked about products and our dog and cat respectively, where we were then soon joined by Just In Decerous, another blogger who is taking the blogosphere by storm.

We soon stopped by the Blush Novelties stand to have a look – any UK adult retailers who may be reading this – PLEASE take a look at their Real Nude Dual Density silicone dildo range. They are gorgeous! I need to see these over here, like NOW!

We then had a good chat with the people at Nexus (who, later that night won an award for the Nexus Revo Stealth). I was very excited to be offered the Nexus Revo Intense for review (so again, this is coming up within the next couple of weeks – watch this space!) and again, we had a good gossip. I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone is!


We then had a very long chat with the lovely folk over at LoveArc, who funnily enough happened to be talking about us when we arrived (spooky, huh?). It’s really humbling to meet the people behind the products we’ve reviewed, and loved – it’s really weird, but you just don’t expect them to be, well.. normal! They were just so lovely and kind and had nothing but good things to say about us, which made me feel all squishy inside.

We soon stopped for lunch, where we were soon joined by the ever so lovely Carnal Queen, where we spent literally an hour talking (and by that, I mean I just didn’t know when to shut up, and just kept yammering on) – but again, it was so great to meet up with a fellow blogger and just set the world to rights. We’ll do the same next year, right?

After lunch, we headed over to the Doxy Massager stand, where I got a demo of their brand new ‘Skittle’ mains powered unisex vibrator. I don’t want to give too much away, but it looks AWESOME. They also introduced me to the lovely Alice from Lovehoney, who recently developed the Pleaser attachment that we reviewed.

Our last main stop was to visit Mick at E-Stim, who wanted to discuss opportunities to work with each other – again, all very exciting and very very friendly.

And then, before I knew it – the day was over. Where had all the time gone?! It was at this point that I wished I had come up for the 2 days, not just the Sunday – as there was still so much I hadn’t really had a chance to see, and loads of people I wish I could have spent more time talking to – on our way out, I happened to bump into Vikki from UberKinky and fellow blogger Horny Geek Girl.

As we made our way back home, weighed down by all the various little bits of swag we had obtained, I couldn’t help but feel sad. It was so great to be in an atmosphere of acceptance and open-ness. It was also incredibly validating to be recognised! I have to admit, after some of the comments we were getting, I was starting to feel somewhat like a mini-celebrity (but not quite so big-headed) – it was just odd to have people coming up to me and saying “Oh, so you’re the big gay review?! awesome!”. I’m also apparently a lot taller in the flesh than people realised. That’s also a plus too, I guess.


Well that’s it, I guess. I promise next years write up will be SO MUCH BETTER – and i’m going to aim to stay for the WHOLE event as well, so I can ensure I don’t miss anything!

So until next year, ETO…..


I apologise now if I have forgotten to mention anyone specifically – it was a long day, and sadly my memory is just terrible these days. Just know if I met you, spoke to you etc, I was very glad to have met you and I hope i’ll see you again next year! 

P.S The best thing in our #BlogSpot goodie bag? The glow in the dark light up sperm keyring, courtesy of Pasante!


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