Today sees luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO announce not one, not two but THREE brand new luxury vibrators, all aimed at helping you achieve the highly coveted prostate orgasm.

Over the years, people have become more adventurous in the bedroom, and sex is now being discussed more than ever. But for some reason, there’s still this out-dated belief that a man who wants to experience anal stimulation is either a ‘perverts’ or ‘gay’. But i’m going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s TOTALLY normal.

And you know why? It’s because located just a few inches up your back passage, there’s a marvellous little gland called the Prostate – and when stimulated, it is possible to achieve an incredible hands-free orgasm. For some people, it can take many weeks, months or even years to perfect the art of prostate massage – but either way, having the prostate stimulated during sex or masturbation is just pretty much the best thing EVER and will still lead to stronger erections and more powerful orgasms. And that’s just swell. Check out this awesome Infographic.

So with that in mind, I am so excited to introduce you to three new products, designed to make your prostate orgasm goal achievable. Let’s welcome to the world LOKI, BRUNO and HUGO.


Whilst it was never reviewed on the blog, I have owned the BILLY luxury prostate massager for many years. It’s small, but perfectly formed shape with deep rumbly vibrations was a perfect introduction to prostate play. Today, we meet Billy’s bigger, stronger and, dare I say it – sexier – brother.

LOKI features a larger, thicker shaft with a pronounced tip, designed to rest delicately against the prostate. The motor is located at the very top, ensuring all those vibrations are transmitted to your pleasure spots. There are 6 different modes with several different speeds and the vibrations are deep, rumbly and intense.

The flared base has been redesigned for additional comfort and safety, and the LOKI is 100% waterproof (perfect for bath time or shower fun) and is USB rechargeable. LOKI is perfect for solo play but also fun to use during sex/foreplay.

First Impressions

I’ve known about LOKI for a little while now, and I was SO excited to find out that LELO were finally making MORE toys for men. The LOKI is, in a word, beautiful. Whilst I referred to him as BILLY’s big brother, LOKI shares a lot more in common with MONA – it has the same thick, curved shaft that has proven so popular with the ladies, and adds a comfortable flared base to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. The vibrations are strong, rumbly and focused right where they need to be. It definitely feels like a worthy replacement to little old BILLY.


BRUNO is here to make your prostate orgasm dream a reality. Don’t let it’s smaller size put you off – BRUNO packs a punch. Featuring dual motors for both internal and external prostate stimulation, and you have the ingredients for an explosive anal orgasm.

BRUNO features a similar shaped shaft to LOKI, but now has an additional motor located in a perineal arm. Not only does this stimulate the prostate from the outside, but it also acts as an anchor to hold the massager in place. It’s curved in all the right places, allowing you to enjoy maximum hands free stimulation, by simply sitting and rocking on the base.

BRUNO is all about power, sophistication and simplicity. It’s 100% waterproof as well, and is also USB rechargeable for your convenience. BRUNO has 6 different pleasure settings, enough to make your next solo or couples session a real treat.

First Impressions

So BRUNO is slightly smaller in stature than LOKI, but there is no denying that this thing is powerful. As soon as you turn it on, it leaps straight into it’s highest setting and it’s enough to knock your socks off. Like the LOKI, it’s ergonomically designed and has curves and swerves in all the right places, ensuring maximum comfort. The silicone used on all of LELO‘s toys is some of the nicest i’ve ever felt, and BRUNO is no exception – he’s firm but silky smooth and has a size that would appeal to anyone, of almost an experience level.


HUGO features all of the same features as BRUNO but with one difference – HUGO is remote controlled – so if you are looking to take partner play to another level, HUGO is the toy for you. Featuring LELO‘s patented ‘SenseMotion’ technology – when paired with the HUGO, the remote controls the intensity of vibrations by simply MOVING the remote.

For example, on setting 1, simply hold the remote flat and then turn it 90 degrees. This will increase the vibrations from lowest to highest. Laying it flat reduces the intensity again. Alternatively, if you switch it into SenseMode 2 – simply shaking the remote now controls the speed. Of course, HUGO can be controlled without the remote if you so wish.

Like BRUNO, HUGO is 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. It has the same, gorgeously curved form and coated in deliciously smooth silicone. It’s sturdy, looks and feels gorgeous – it really lives up to the label of ‘Luxury’.

First Impressions

I was very interested to see how this ‘SenseMotion’ worked and I have to say, I am impressed with how well it works. The manual says it operates up to a distance of 12 metres and I am already picturing various different scenarios on how we can use this. I’m picturing restraints and blindfolds…

It’s really powerful, and looks stunningly beautiful. I am so very excited about all three of these new male pleasure products.

And there you have it!

LELO are raising the bar when it comes to luxury anal toys, and LOKI, BRUNO and HUGO look to be worthy additions to their ever growing line up of products. Look out for reviews on ALL THREE of these products over the next 2 weeks – I am so excited and cannot wait to put these little beauties through their paces.

Head on over to LELO to check out more information on the LOKI, BRUNO and HUGO and keep an eye out on Twitter/Tumblr as I will be posting more sneak peeks and videos of these exciting new toys.


Thank you to LELO for providing the images for this article. 

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