It’s the end of another week and I am coming at you with our third and final review; that’s right – we’ve been pushing our way through the review back-log and we’re almost caught up! Huzzah! And we’re finishing the week off with something a little different. 

It’s been a long time since we reviewed anything like an adult board game. The last one we actually reviewed was Monogamy: A Hot Affair over 9 years ago! So when Lovehoney reached out to me recently to see if I would be interested in reviewing something in aid of Valentines day; I spotted the Entice Couple’s Adventure Game and thought it would be nice to review something like that again. One of the reasons we tend to avoid games like this, is most of the time – they can be horribly gendered and assume every couple playing is Cishet; when we know that partnerships come in a variety of flavours.

But when they get things right, these games can be a fun way to spice up your foreplay. So without further ado, let’s shuffle those cards, light some candles and get some soft romantic music on… and let’s get to enticing!

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Entice Couple’s Adventure Game free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

First Impressions

The Entice Couple’s Adventure Game is a simple card game; so it requires very minimal set up and space. Inside the box you will find 4 decks of cards, an instruction leaflet, a soft tickler and a pair of silky restraints. The rules of the game is simple; each player takes 2 cards from each of the decks and you slowly work your way through the different actions and questions presented on the card. As you progress through the game, the tasks get spicier; until you reach the explosive climax.

First up, you start with Enjoy; this section is all about setting the mood. Expect to talk about your favourite fantasies and positions; all with very minimal touching. You then progress to Delight; here you’ll begin to start exploring each other whilst still maintaining an atmosphere of teasing. Next we’re into Discover – things are starting to warm up. Expect a lot more touching, nakedness and more – in and out of the bedroom! Finally, we get to Indulge; we’re naked and spanking, stroking, licking and more… Each deck also comes with 2 blank cards for you to add your own scintillating scenarios.

Our Game

Prior to playing our game; I did have a browse through the decks to look for cards that I didn’t think would be appropriate for us. Thankfully, there wasn’t really anything that I needed to remove; most of the cards are written in a way that regardless of the make-up of your pairing – everyone should be able to enjoy the actions on the cards. For our game, we ended up just removing cards we didn’t want to pick that particular session. Once we were happy; we shuffled the decks, got comfortable and made our first picks…


Round one was the ‘Enjoy’ round. This is all about setting the mood. We took it in turns selecting cards until we had 2 each. A game of rock, paper, scissors determined which of us would go first. But you can do whatever you want here. Turning over my first card, we had to discuss our favourite role-playing fantasies. This got us talking about our most recent role-play session involving a massage table and a masseuse who took (consensual) advantage of their client. We realised that my husband enjoys scenarios where he’s not in control. It’s certainly got me thinking about future sessions.

His first card, he had to choose a part of his body and I then had to tell him what I would do to pleasure him there. Some cards have a suggested time limit, others you are free to go with whatever works for you. My second card was about my favourite sexual position and why I like it (for the record, I enjoy when he forcefully bends me over the bed [or dining table] … in fact, I think I wrote about it here). His final card saw us sitting face to face; staring into each other’s eyes and breathing together. At this point, I just burst into giggles. I can’t stare at anyone without laughing. Not the sexiest experience but it certainly helps loosen you up and breaks the ice!


Now we’re feeling warmed up; it’s time to move onto round two. As I went first last round, he went first this time. I had to tell him what noises I enjoy him making during sex and foreplay; and for 1 minute he had to whisper those sounds into my ear. It was… interesting! On my first card, I had to blindfold him using the included restraints and then brush against his face with different parts of my body and he had to guess what they were. I’ll be honest; this felt like an odd thing to do; but we did it. He guessed correctly my nose, my tongue, my elbow, my butt (yes) and of course my… well I’m sure you know where it was heading. A silly task but it made us laugh.

Next, I was treated to a sensual hand massage. I do enjoy being stroked, tickled and massaged so this was right up my alley. The last card for this round involved us having a make-out session with a pillow between us. At this point, we are starting to get a bit excitable and raring to move on to the sexier challenges. So far, we’re having fun but not necessarily feeling the most aroused.


Now things are starting to get steamy. My first card was all about nipple play. Tying his hands behind his back with the restraint, I had a minute to lick, rub, stroke, tweak and pinch his nipples. With him on the edge of the bed and me on my knees; I could tell he was starting to crave more attention. But not yet… Next, we had to take turns gliding the tickler over each others bodies (but not over our cocks). The tickler feels really nice; they describe it as a feather tickler but really, it’s a fuzzy little pompom on a stick – but it does feel very pleasant. Left me feeling pleasantly tingly.

Once we were sufficiently goose bumped; it was time for him to lay on his back blindfolded whilst I explored his body with my hands and mouth. Starting with his knees (as the card suggested) before finishing off with his cock; at this point he is now twitching for more and I am also struggling to contain my arousal. Lastly for this section, he had to blindfold me and stroke my favourite erogenous zones. One more round to go; let’s goooo!


Things are really starting to heat up now. Round four starts with me performing oral sex on him, but he cannot make a sound. As I’m going down his shaft with my tongue; I can seem him clasping his hands to his mouth. When the timer goes off, I can see the disappointment on his face. The anticipation is building beautifully. His card saw him ask me to pick my favourite erogenous zone to be licked, stroked and nibbled but in that area alone; so this time I chose my butt and was treated to an incredibly arousing arse massage; my hole was licked, stroked and my cheeks squeezed and caressed. At this point, it’s getting uncomfortable lying on my front.

His final card saw me on all fours, being spanked 10 times – each time I had to say ‘thank you’. With each spank, he got a little firmer with the slaps; and as he pressed his cock against my hole, I could feel that getting harder, and jerk with each impact. I definitely got spanked more than 10 times but I didn’t care. My final card allowed me to choose any part of my body for him to focus on; and by now I am rock hard so naturally… it ended with a good blow job. As soon as the time was up; everything got cast aside, we couldn’t contain it any longer. The session ended up in my favourite position; and I end the night lying face down over the end of the bed, drenched in cum and feeling incredibly satisfied.


So compared to some of the other card games we have tried; we did enjoy this one quite a bit. There is a decent selection of scenarios and questions to help keep things varied, and the option to add your own into the mix is quite nice. Not all the cards are actions to be completed on the night; and some of the cards may require additional props or potentially require you to relocate (which if you live alone, probably not a problem) but if you’re sharing a house – you may either need to wait til you have the house to yourselves or else use your imagination!

The only issue with the game; there were a couple of scenarios that just sounded like marketing for Lovehoney. One task involves going onto the lovehoney website and creating a Wishlist together. Another sees you going to the blog to look at the ‘Position of the week’. These kinds of activities actually take me out of the moment; it’s not a big deal really – it just feels a little cheeky. But as far as couples games go; this was a lot of fun to play and it did lead to a very satisfying conclusion. Will we play it again? Yeah, I think we will!

Where to Buy

If you want to pick up the Entice Couple’s Adventure Game, you can order it direct from Lovehoney. Don’t forget to use code BIGGAYREV15 to take 15% off.

Looking for something a little spicier this valentines? Save up to 50% off the curated Valentines range.

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Entice Couple’s Adventure Game free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you want to help support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. Alternatively, please share this with someone you think will enjoy it! Thank you for all of your support. 

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