Every now and again, a product comes along that will leave you completely, and utterly speechless. Their greatness knows no words, all you can do is sit there in a sweaty, shaking heap whilst you desperately try to catch your breath.

The Doxy Massager is a prime example of that. When we reviewed it earlier this year, I was left completely dumbfounded by how powerful it was, and how quickly it was able to rattle an orgasm out of me. To this day, it is still one of my favourite products, and I adore it because of it’s versatility, thus proving that Magic Wand style vibrators are for absolutely any body – it’s just a shame they tend to be marketed more towards women.

When I visited the ETO show back in June, I met the wonderful team behind Doxy who were working hard on their newest product innovation – the Skittle. This quirky little product was aimed at absolutely everyone – and that intrigued me most of all. Doxy promised as soon as the product was ready to ship, they would send me one – and true to their word, they did. After spending several weeks going backwards and forwards with my thoughts on the Doxy, i’ve finally been able to compose all my thoughts and present them in this review. Hold on to your butts!

First Impressions

The Skittle arrives in a very simple grey box with a clear plastic window at the front, showing you the toy in all it’s glory. Admittedly, it feels a little ‘cheap’ at first glance – especially when I compare it to the packaging of the aforementioned Wand, however I have learned that you should never judge a book by it’s cover – luxurious packaging doesn’t always mean the product inside is going to me amazing (*ahem* Piu *ahem*).

The Skittle is a mains powered toy (like the wand) and is named as such, because the shape resembles that of a skittle you would see when bowling (or for our american friends, a pin). At the tip of the toy is what I like to call the ‘finger’ – a bulbous, vibrating appendage that is designed for pinpoint stimulation. At the base of the finger, is a raised bump which again, is designed to provide stimulation when it comes in contact with the body when inserted.

The Skittle stands at 7.5 inches tall, with the insertable appendage measuring just 2.5 inches, and a circumference of 3.5 inches. The base of the toy is shaped so it’s quite comfortable to hold in the hand. The power cable is enormous (like with the Wand) so no matter where your plug is in the bedroom (or wherever you choose to use it) you’ll have no problems reaching. The buttons are on ‘separate’ control panel and feature the usual power button and the plus/minus (increase/decrease).

The Skittle is coated in body safe silicone, and has an ABS plastic trim around the base. As this is a mains powered toy, it is not suitable for use in and around water. The Skittle is designed to be used by every body. If you want to find out how the Skittle fares when used vaginally, then check out these awesome reviews from Cara Sutra and Emmeline Peaches. This review will focus solely on penile/anal stimulation.

In Use

When I was told the Skittle was on it’s way to me, I literally let out a little shriek of delight. I had been thoroughly impressed with it when I had a little play with one at ETO and I was very keen to give it a good work out. It arrived the very next day, much to my surprise, but sadly I was going to be out for the rest of the day, meaning it would have to wait. However, when I took it out of the box just to inspect it, I was once again blown away by how strong it felt. I had completely forgotten what it felt like.

Now I had it in my hands though, I did sit there and wonder exactly what on earth to do with it. I mean, let’s be honest, when you first look at the Skittle, it’s not ‘completely’ obvious what you do with it. But I suppose in hindsight, this really is the beauty of the Skittle – you can do almost absolutely ANY thing with it. The only really limit is your imagination. So what exactly did we do with it?

Well the first time we properly took it out of the box, I had decided that my long-suffering husband would be the guinea pig. I was looking to try out our new over-the-door sex swing, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see exactly what the Skittle could do. After helping him get inside the swing (and ensuring he was completely blindfolded) I set to work. After getting him nice and relaxed, I plugged in the Skittle and turned it on. Now, the one thing that ‘sort of’ irritated me about the Doxy Wand has been repeated here, which is when you turn it on, it starts at almost it’s highest setting. That’s fine if you want POWER right away, but when your taking things slowly, it is a minor annoyance at having to turn it down – but it really is minor.

Starting things slowly, I used the Skittle to gently tease all his sensitive spots with the vibrations (a little bit of lube would be really good here, just as the silicone can be just a ‘teensy’ bit draggy when glided over the skin. I was already getting a good reaction from him as I circled his nipples and then slowly brought it down towards his crotch. I grazed it over his penis and he began to twitch. Turning the power up, I moved the skittle towards his perineum, and began to circle. This was definitely warmly received and his breathing became heavy.

Deciding that I would just ‘go for it’, I lubed up the tip and slipped it inside. He shook and gasped out loud and then continued to moan and breathe heavier with each passing moment. I decided to bring him down onto the bed to continue exploring. The ‘finger’ worked really well to stimulate the frenulum and sent deep, rumbling vibrations pulsing through his entire shaft. But it was internally that he said he got the most pleasure and asked me to place it back. So, with the Skittle now on full speed, I slipped it back inside and away he went. It soon didn’t take much before he was shuddering as he reached orgasm. As he regained composure, I asked him what his general thoughts were. ‘Thumbs Up’ he said, before collapsing into a heap.

Unfortunately, it was here that things took a slight turn. I decided to see how long it would take me to reach orgasm just using the Skittle on my cock, like with the Wand (which never fails to achieve in a result in more than 5 minutes). I got myself all ‘in the mood’, grabbed the skittle and went for it. 10 minutes went by. 20 minutes. A whole hour went by and nothing happened. And at this point, I didn’t really know what was going on. My penis LOVES vibrations and wands can get me there in almost no time at all – but here, I was getting NOTHING. In that time, I must have gone flaccid to erect back to flaccid again about 8 times. There was one point when I felt like I was getting close, but it soon disappeared.

Feeling slightly disappointed, I decided to try it anally, as that seemed thoroughly tickle the Mr and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So with a little bit of lube, it slipped in really easily and I turned it on. Immediately there was a deep rumble between my cheeks, and the base of the skittle was just buzzing away on the outside. Don’t get me wrong, it felt nice – but I was still struggling to see what had caused him to react the way he did. I figured I must be having an off day, so decided I would come back to it another day.

Was I expecting too much from the Skittle? I mean, the Wand had totally blown my mind (and my load) – was I subconsciously judging the Skittle as an inferior product because, in reality, it’s not as powerful as the Wand?

Then one afternoon, I was sat at my desk and the Skittle was plugged in the wall next to me. Wanting to give it another try, I grabbed it and turned it on. This time, I held the skittle so it was vertical against my shaft, with the tip resting against the frenulum and the secondary hump at the base was also resting against my shaft. Suddenly, everything just felt… right. I pressed the skittle firmly against my now fully erect penis – the vibrations penetrating deeply and before long…. we hit the jackpot.

Later that afternoon, I took myself upstairs and this time decided to use it anally while masturbating. Now sadly, the bulb itself is just too short to provide any real prostate stimulation, however the deep vibrations that I could feel inside, and to some extent outside, were pleasant, and when I reached orgasm a second time, it was again strong and deeply satisfying.

Like the Doxy Wand, the Skittle has a secondary vibration mode – when switching it on, if you hold down the power button for a few seconds, it will go into ‘pulse’ mode – where the plus/minus controls how long the pulse is (the vibrations escalate from low to high). This is a nice touch, but in this case, doesn’t really do much for me, but it’s a nice option to have.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Skittle isn’t waterproof, so cleaning the Doxy will require a little bit of care. A damp cloth with a spritz of toy cleaner should be sufficient. The Skittle has a velcro cable tie attached to the power cable, meaning you can wrap up the cord nicely for storage.


In general, I really like what Doxy have tried to do here, and admittedly it took me a while to really understand what the Skittle can truly do. I still think there is room for improvement though. A larger, longer probe would be an absolute must for me – and there were times where I wish the Skittle could just go up one more intensity level.

One down side is that because of the size of the skittle, the vibrations do rattle through your hands/wrists fairly strongly, so some people who are a bit more sensitive to vibrations may find this a bit uncomfortable during prolonged use.

Going forward, I would love to see Doxy considering either a new version that’s slightly more powerful and with a larger tip, or maybe something that you can stick attachments too, perhaps?

Who would I recommend the Doxy too? If you’ve never experienced a Magic Wand, the Skittle could be a good place to start – it’s powerful, not too intimidating when it comes to size, and again, can be used by almost every body. As long as you’ve got a good imagination, the Skittle can be whatever you want it to be.

Where To Buy

Best Price: Belle De Soir (£67.95)

Elsewhere: (RRP £79.99) Lovehoney / Simply Pleasure / Sex Toys


I would like to thank Doxy for sending me the Skittle free of charge in exchange for my honest review. This in no way affects my thoughts, opinions or experiences with the product. All thoughts and experiences here are 100% my own, genuine thoughts. Affiliate Links have been used within this post. If you wish to support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links 🙂 

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