Well this is a new one for the blog; I have never heard of the brand TOF Paris before; but I do love a good fragrance and this fragrance promises an ‘explosive cocktail of male sensuality!’. Sign me the hell up! 

When I was browsing the MEO site a few weeks ago, I stumbled on this brand called TOF Paris; personally I’d never heard of them before but as I was sifting through their selection of fetish club wear, I stumbled on something a little different. A perfume infused with ingredients designed to lure you in with its aphrodisiac properties. And as someone who loves as good fragrance on a man; I was curious to give it a try. So, would we be left smelling like roses or will this be confined to the darkest corners of the bathroom, to never see the light of day again?

I would like to thank MEO for sending us the TOF Paris Eau du Parfum free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

I cannot lie, I thought this was a Tom of Finland product, and when the perfume actually arrived; I think I could be forgiven for thinking so. The perfume arrives in a little neoprene bag that kind of looks like the pouch of a jockstrap. It has a belt-loop, so you can carry your fragrance around with you (if that’s your vibe) and the bottle is a sleek plain black with the logo on the front. Of course, it’s nothing to do with Tom of Finland; the TOF name seems to be a coincidence.

TOF Paris was founded in 2016 and primarily focus on club/fetish fashions like underwear, harnesses etc. Unfortunately, from browsing the official site; their sizing seems to be not so inclusive; which is a shame but honestly not unexpected. Queer fashion is notorious at not catering for plus sizes (that’s not ALL but this particular type of fashion roots itself on the idea of gay men being tall bronzed adonis with tiny waists. Anyway, I digress…) The bottle contains 100ml of perfume and has a good weight in the hand. It looks enticing on the shelf and exudes a certain masculine energy.

The Ingredients

There are three key fragrance notes in this perfume. The first is Oud (no, not the doctor who villain) – this dark and smokey wood is procured from a particular tree that has become infected with mold. The tree products this thick resin to combat the mold, and thus creates this dense, dark wood that is prized for its distinctive aroma. Oud is one of the most expensive materials used in perfumes, and can command prices higher than that of gold (apparently).

Ambroxan is a synthetic alternative to Ambergris (which I learned today is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales…). The scent has been described as woody, creamy, musky… it has also been given the nickname of ‘Lovers Sweat’ as some say it smells like skin.

The last key component is ‘African Stone’ which is basically fermented excrement from the Rock Hyrax. It’s a deeply complex scent that combines elements of musk, tobacco, civet and agarwood. As no animal is harmed in the collection of the ‘African Stone’, it is often used as an alternative to deer musk and civet; which often requires killing or inflicting pain on an animal to harvest. This ingredient is used as it is supposed to contain lots of pheromones to entice and arouse.

The Fragrance

The first thing I noted when I put this fragrance on for the first time, was that it reminded me instantly of a fragrance I used to wear back in my earlier days. For the life of me, I cannot remember what it was but I’m sure it was a Calvin Klein fragrance. Anyway, on my skin, the first notes are quite sharp and spicy; almost pepper-like. As it settles, it warms up and becomes a bit more herbal; with a slight powdery finish.

The scent lingers; especially on clothing. I sprayed some on a shirt before I went out one evening; and the next day, as I was picked up the shirt to wash, the scent filled my nostrils and reminded me of the good times from the night before. After a particularly sweaty session in the bedroom; the room was filled with the scent of sex and leather and it was certainly very nice. And I have to admit, when I do have the fragrance on, I *feel* sexy; and the husband has said on numerous occasions that he loves how it smells on me. And that’s all I really want from a fragrance: Does it make me feel good? Yes. Does it smell good to other people? Yes.


I thought this might be a fun little piece to write; again just to offer something a little bit different but for me, fragrance can be quite important during sexy times. I know I often will bathe/shower with particular products because I love the scents and it makes me feel sexy… so I thought why not review a fragrance (especially when it claims to …, well make you smell sexy and irresistible?)

Would I purchase this again? Yeah, I probably would. I quite like wearing it just as a perfume in general; but I do think it’s a scent that’s best suited more for spring/summer time – I definitely prefer something warmer and sweeter and in the autumn/winter. But as far as perfumes go; I really quite like it. When I have it on, it at least makes me feel more confident and irresistible; that makes it a good one in my book.

Where to Buy

You can pick up your TOF Paris Eau du Parfum from MEO. (If you want to see more reviews like this, let me know on Twitter).

I would like to thank MEO for sending us the TOF Paris Eau du Parfum free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you would like to help support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links as it helps us keep the blog running and the lights on! 

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