This may come as a complete shock to you, but I LOVE giving a blow job. Even more than I like to receive them. But to be fair, i’ve always preferred being a giver, rather than a receiver. It’s why I get so excited at christmas.

But why am I talking about it now? Well, I don’t know.. I guess as we’re a sex blog, it’s only natural we talk about sexy things; and oral sex is something I haven’t really talked about on the blog, and I guess after a particularly good session recently, I guess it got the juices flowing (in more ways than one). So back to the conversation in hand (or mouth… or both).

In our relationship, oral sex plays a fairly significant part in our bedroom activities. There are plenty of times where neither of us are really in the mood or prepared for full on penetrative sex, but there are plenty of other things we can do to make each other happy. Whether that’s engaging in a bit of mutual masturbation or some oral play.

It’s only very recently, though, that i’ve realised that I definitely much prefer to be giving a blow job, than receiving one. Don’t get me wrong, having him slipping his mouth round my shaft feels amazing, and I would never deny him the opportunity, should he wish to take advantage. But for me, I get more excitement when I watch how his body responds when i’m taking him deep inside my mouth. That, to me, is more reward than anything else.

Nothing gets me off more than taking him gently inside my mouth whilst he’s still soft, and gently rolling my tongue around; and then feel him swell inside. The deep grunts coming from the other end of the bed tell me that he approves of this. As he becomes firmer, I can use my tongue to run the entire length of the shaft, paying particular attention to the frenulum – the holy grail.

As his moans get deeper and louder, I can take him deep into my throat. His body twitches and his hands instinctively go for the back of my head, and they hold me in place. With deep strokes back and forth, creating an intense suction, he whispers “Oh yeah….”. There’s something about gazing up and looking deep into his eyes as I take his cock into my mouth. As my lips clasp firmly around his shaft, he gives a wry little smile before he closes his eyes and tilts his head back.

His hips arch back and forth and I find a good rhythm, ensuring every single inch of his shaft is taken care off. All cares go out of the window; for right then it’s all about him. And he knows it. As I can sense him getting closer to the brink, I switch things up using my hands; and just as he’s about to explode, I pull back. I want to prolong that sensation for as long as possible. His cock is wet and my jaw aches, but I don’t care. Eventually, it’s too much and I let him go, shooting all over his deliciously furry tummy.

As he gasps for breath, his cock twitches and drips, and yet stays completely hard. I softly tease the tip of his penis, knowing it’s going to be extremely sensitive. He twitches intensely, and yet his cock is still aloft. It’s enough for me, and with a quick stroke, I unload on him as well. We both smile, and I know he’s satisfied, as am I. We lay on the bed, and he holds me close in his arms. I feel warm, safe and content. And I close my eyes.


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