OK, so I have to hold my hands up and say i’ve really dropped the ball a bit on this one. A lot has been happening over the past few weeks, and unfortunately, this has led to the blog taking a bit of a back seat, and I feel I owe you all an explanation, and at the very least, a small apology.

So, firstly; we had some issues with the SSL certificate expiring on the blog. I literally had no idea until someone pointed it out to me on Twitter yesterday. It’s all fixed now, but the downside was we took a massive hit traffic wise. We’re slowly coming back up again, and for anyone who tried to access the site over the past week and experienced any issues – i’m sorry! I will certainly be more vigilant and ensure disruptions like that are kept to a minimum!

Reviews haven’t been coming as often as I would like for a number of reasons. We only have a small stack of items to review, but unfortunately (well perhaps that’s not the right word…) they are all butt toys, and i’ve been having a few issues with some IBS flare-ups recently, so I haven’t felt like playing around down there for a while. Awkward and TMI, I know… but that’s the way it is. This in turn has led to a general decrease in my libido, so it’s not really been at the forefront of my mind.

We also had some problems with the Mr. lost his job, so we had to focus on finding him a new one, which put a little bit of extra stress on us; but thankfully, he has started a new job today. So fingers crossed that everything goes well! On my job front, i’ve been working a few more hours as i’ve been angling for a promotion for a while. Things are looking up, and who knows; within the next few weeks, I might have some really good news to share!

The blog has been ticking along now for well over 3 years. I am still very much passionate about it, so please don’t interpret the blog silence as anything other than the simple fact my mind has been elsewhere lately. However, as of writing this short post, things are starting to look up. Recently, I began wearing a little make-up to help boost my confidence. We’re not talking full drag (although i’m pretty sure I would make a FIERCE queen…) but enough to make my skin look and feel as good as it can. And the results have been AMAZING. My self-esteem has taken a huge boost and for the first time, in a very long time, I feel really good about myself! Hopefully this new found confidence will make it’s way into the blog as well, and we’ll have some awesome fresh new content for you very soon.

To everyone who has stood by me, and supported me over these past few years, I owe you a massive thanks for just always being there, and making me smile. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you guys. All I can ask (and hope for) is that y’all forgive me, and will stick around to see what’s coming.

Much love and consensual kisses,

David x

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