I absolutely love sex. Completely and unashamedly. I wouldn’t be blogging about it if I didn’t. However, life can sometimes get in the way and it’s frustrating. It especially makes spontaneity almost impossible.

For those who don’t know, we have 2 gorgeous but very demanding pugs. If they are not following us around like 2 snorting and wheezing shadows, they are demanding attention. It can make getting some alone time just a bit more difficult. In fact, I’ve nicknamed them my furry little cock blockers. Ludo in particular, which he proved in spectacular fashion yesterday morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and adore my 2 little ones, and I cannot bear to even think about them not being in my life. But now and again, I think back to before we had them, and how we were free to fool around whenever, wherever. Whether it was in the middle of me cooking dinner, or on the floor of the home office. Just anywhere other than the bed – which nowadays contains more pug hair then bedding.

This goes back to my first sexy thoughts post, in which we talked about finding the right moments. After Ludo’s little intrusion, I got to thinking about some of the other moments we’ve had in the past, and I immediately think of the time we got hot and heavy in the front seat of his car. In terms of setting, it’s not all that special, but at the time, it was the riskiest place we’d fooled around – and for once, it wasn’t in the bedroom. So I concocted my plan.

We were going to be out all day, so as I was getting dressed that morning, I neglected to wear any underwear. Instead, I would go commando, and when the time was right, I would ‘spring’ a little (well, not so little) surprise on him. The whole day, I just kept thinking about our original auto encounter. We’d just gotten back from the cinema, and the whole drive back, I had been caressing his thighs and crotch, feeling him swell in his tight jeans. As we arrived back home, we couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching over for a blowjob in the front seat is not overly comfortable – I’m quite tall but not very bendy. But in the heat of the moment, it didn’t matter.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and went inside, agreeing that this was a particularly exciting moment, one that we would remember for a long time. And it’s helped us get a bit more adventurous over the years. One of my other treasured memories occurred on holiday in Cyprus, after getting a little frisky in the pool, we stripped off and fucked on the patio. It was a gloriously hot day; the sun was beating down on our wet skin, with the sound and smell of the sea in the air.

Back to yesterday. We had been out all afternoon, and the anticipation had been building up in me all day. As we were finally on our way home, I began to execute my naughty little caper. So I carefully (and quietly) undid my belt and the top buttons of my jeans. I pushed the seat back and reclined it, to be in a more comfortable position. I teased open the fly and lie back and close my eyes. To get his attention, I let out a bit of a moan, and his hand instinctively reached over and he placed it on my leg (as he often does when we are out for a drive).

This time, he got a little bit of a surprise. I had a moment of hesitation, where I thought he might not appreciate it. But he simply said “Oh! You kept that quiet” and he slipped his hand inside. I was already aroused – I had been playing the scenario in my head all day. Whilst never taking his eyes off the road, he began to stroke me softly. Only for a few seconds at a time – we were still driving after all. As we were about half way there, I pulled my jeans down completely and began to stroke myself. I reached over to him, and I could feel he was fit to burst out of his trousers.

I could see he was looking to get home as quickly as possible, and so did I. We arrived back into our car park, surrounded by houses that overlook the area. It was dark, but not completely secluded. But that was part of the thrill. At any point, a neighbour could have looked out their window and see what was going on. But I didn’t care. As the car plunged into darkness, I once again pulled my jeans right down to my ankles. He leant over and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it again, whilst leaning in for a kiss.

I reached over, urging him to release himself as well, and he frantically fumbled with his fastenings. Soon, we were both sat in our seats, looking at each other as we both masturbated. Now and again, we’d reach other and stroke each other. It didn’t take long for me to reach orgasm – he gripped onto me tightly, and just the pressure of the grip caused my knees to buckle and I came – hard. A few seconds later, he brought himself to completion. We both sat there, sweaty, breathing heavily and giggling at how steamy the inside of the car had gotten.

Unfortunately, unlike the last time – we didn’t have anything to hand in the car we could use to clean up. So I just pulled my clothes back up/down and headed back inside. As I then peeled off my clothes, I tingled as I thought back to what had just happened. And I like to think that this morning, when he headed off to work – he would take one look at the two reclined seats, and set off to work with a smile on his face.


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