Wow. Has it really been a whole 2 months since I posted? Aargh, I properly dropped the ball this time. And I don’t really have any real excuse. I’m Sorry. Can you at least forgive me?

It’s been a funny couple of months. In fact, I would say, realistically, it’s probably been a little bit longer than that, but I haven’t want to admit to myself what I am about to say. But I feel in the interest of being open and trying to make the improvements that I want to, I need to lay everything out there, so you can understand where I am coming from.

For a short period of time, I completely lost interest in blogging, in sex and all things related to sex blogging. I wish I could sit here and say that there was some awful reason as to why it happened. But there really isn’t. The truth of the matter is, I got bored. I’ve been running TBGR for almost 5 years now. That’s not really a long time compared to some out there, but for ME, this is the longest thing I have ever committed to running and maintaining. Back in my younger days, I would flitter from blog to blog because I was easily distracted or I just lost interest. But when I started this blog; something magical happened. I became, well, good at it. Now i’m not one to normally toot my own horn, and usually I am my own worst critic; but I actually felt that this was something I could be truly proud off.

And don’t get me wrong, for a long time I was. And I guess I still am. But in between my ‘real life’ job, ill health and a whole list of inconsequential things that when you put them all together… it just kinda builds up and I guess, for a while, I just stopped having fun. That’s when my makeup blog kind of started to pick up; I had found something else that excited me, brought me lots of joy, and it didn’t care about whether I was not feeling it for the day. I guess because there was no pressure to write reviews for an eyeshadow palette; it helped me find the joy in writing again. When you run a blog like TBGR, a lot of the time, you are having to work to a specific schedule, and there have been times where I have overloaded myself with product to review, and it just gets too much, and I panic and shut down.

But I have taken some time to kind of re-evaluate where I stand. This will forever be my blogging baby. I have put so much into this blog, I would hate to see it die an undignified death. So I promise you now; if you are still ready to stand by me, then I am ready to bring TBGR back from the brink. We have recently received some very fun and exciting products to review, and i’m starting to get the creative juices flowing again (steady…).

All I can really say; to all those of you who have stood by me, and the work that I do. Whether you are a long time reader, or a retailer who advertises with us and sends us product for review… thank you!!! Without you, this would be nothing. And I’m so grateful and thankful for what we have achieved here in the last 5 years. Let’s hope we can push it on for at least another 5 eh?

I’m sorry if these thoughts seem slightly random and incoherent; I was going to tweet about it but I thought a post would be better. But hopefully you get the gist. In short, i’m sorry for abandoning TBGR, but i’m coming back. Let’s get the party started.