I’m not going to lie, I always get very excited when I get asked to review a ‘top secret’ product – it’s the thrill of the unknown, and also knowing that you are playing with something that might never see the light of day if it’s awful, or getting the smug, hipster satisfaction of knowing you were having orgasms with it before anyone else.

We love our Magic Wand vibrators here at The Big Gay Review. So when Lovehoney asked if anyone would be willing to try a new attachment designed to work with suction cup toys, I threw myself at them like they were a buffet, and I hadn’t eaten in a month. It wasn’t very pretty. I wasn’t overly sure of what to expect, but this in itself is one of the reasons I love testing ‘mystery’ items – I can’t build up any preconceptions about what it is/how it works/why it might not work etc.

First Impressions

I’ve used several wand attachments before, and whilst I’ve only experienced one major disappointment, the rest have always left me wanting just a little bit more. This ingenious little attachment allows any suction cup toy to be placed onto it, effectively turning it into a powerful vibrator. And it works beautifully. But i’ll get onto all of that in a minute.

The attachment is sent in a very simple Lovehoney box with usual branding and colours. Inside is a little leaflet with care and usage instructions. The usual impeccable Lovehoney standard! The attachment should fit any wand with a 7.5 inch head circumference (it fit snugly onto my Doxy wand).

The attachment is made of skin-safe silicone, and is safe to use with any magic wands that have a silicone surface on the head, or any toys made with silicone.

In Use

So the basic concept of the attachment, is just to provide a surface to which you can apply almost any suction cup toy too – meaning you can vastly improve the appeal of those dildos/butt plugs and other toys that you perhaps might have gotten bored with (especially if you don’t have the luxury of having the LoveArc, or anywhere else to apply suction cup toys, for that matter).

Attaching the Multipurpose Pleaser to the Doxy was incredibly simple – it slipped on snugly, without any need for any lube, and it stayed firmly as well (but it doesn’t need a hefty tug to remove it either) so that’s all good. Whilst the attachment did ‘fit’ the Smart Wand, this attachment didn’t fit as snuggly as the Hummer, so when you turned the wand on, the attachment and dildo ended up just spinning around in a circle. Comical, but not very sexy.

It’s made from silicone, so is completely body safe and has a large surface area, to which most standard size toys should have no problem adhering too. The attachment itself also acts as a large suction cup, so you can hitch the wand to the wall and grind the smaller, ridged side for stimulation (however, as neither myself or my husband have the relevant parts, we couldn’t test if this was the case). Also, judging by the racket the wand makes when it’s rattling around a table or a desk, I can’t imagine it sounds any better when being thrust against a wall (and I was right, but that’s not surprising really).

In the interest of science and orgasms, I tried the wand with every single suction cup toy that I have (which, admittedly, isn’t as much as I would like it to be, but i’m working on it). We tested it with the Leo first. The vibrations transferred very heavily through the base of the toy, and travelled down the shaft where they did weaken as it got towards the tip, but internally they still felt really great. Next we tried the Suko – this one worked a little better. I’m not sure if it’s down to the fact the silicone is dual density and has a firmer core, but the vibrations were felt pretty strongly throughout the entire length of the shaft. So far, this was my favourite.

Next came the Bondara silicone dildo, and again, the vibrations transferred throughout the shaft pretty neatly. They were definitely felt much further down, but there was still a good rumble towards the tip. I then tried a tantus dildo and suction cup (the Goddess) and this did not work at all. In fact, none of the vibrations transferred through the dildo at all – they went through the suction cup and then just faded into nothing – but I honestly expected this.

But not wanting to give up, I grabbed the Prostate Play, stuck that on the suction cup and let it rip. Holy crap. The whole thing was vibrating like it was full of angry bees – the little perineal arms were moving so fast, it became a blur. Internally, my prostate was like “ALRIGHT, JESUS CHRIST, I WASN’T READY FOR THAT” and I shuddered as felt a massive orgasm brewing. Mission, success.

The only downside is that using it all together, can be a little bit… well, I was all over the place initially. Trying to insert a dildo that now has the added weight of the wand pulling on it was a bit awkward, and I wasn’t able to get into my ‘usual’ positions – however, there are ways around it, and it’s definitely much easier with a partner around to guide you.

I had the wand on the bed, resting on a couple of pillows, and then ‘straddled’ it. Initially the wand would want to roll off the pillows, but with some creative thinking I got a couple of belts and secured the wand to the pillows, and before I knew it I had my own vibrating sex machine. Okay, so it was still a little bit awkward, but it worked, and it worked VERY well. I would imagine if you are lucky enough to have wand seat/mount then this would solve the awkward problem altogether.

Clean-Up & Maintenance

As this little attachment is silicone, you can give it a good rinse with some warm water and toy cleaner, and it’ll be as good as new. Or you can boil it/bleach it/dishwasher it… pretty sure you guys know the drill. As this is a tiny attachment, i’m happy to keep it in it’s original box until I next decide to whip it out – keeps it dust free.


Aside from the fact it can get a little unsexy trying to wield a magic wand with a big floppy dildo on it, once you get around that it’s a brilliant idea. All the readily available wand attachments have always fallen a little short (in terms of length) and I’ve been left wanting it to go further, deeper etc – and now, I am able to drive those vibrations much deeper and get the nice fuller feeling I’m accustomed too. It’s definitely worth adding to your box of tricks.

Where To Buy

NOTE: This product has been discontinued.


Lovehoney kindly sent me this item in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and experiences posted in this review are 100% my own honest thoughts. Receiving an item for free does not sway or affect the outcome of any review that I write – they will always be the truth. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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