Whilst I get round to finalising the latest reviews, I took this as an opportunity to have a good gaze through my collection, and perhaps sit and squish a few silicone dildos in the process (not only are they great fuck toys, but when you are stressed, give one a squeeze – it works wonders!).

I remember a time when my collection used to look like this:


This was October 2013 – so not that long ago. Despite having toys since 2009, my collection was somewhat modest. Soon, my addiction to toys took hold, and come January 2014, the collection has grown again…


We are now in February of 2015 and the collection has grown again. A few things have also disappeared to. We said good buy to my Original Fleshjack that I bought back in 2009. We lost several TENGA eggs and the Nexus MAX 5. We welcomed the Zini Bang Bang into our lives, and promptly send him packing. Many still remain – I am somewhat of a sentimental man, and I find it difficult to say good bye to things. I’m working on it.. I promise.

So here is the collection as it stands in 2015:

This is of course, not including all the various lubes and massage oils, the Monogamy game and the small drawer of bondage goodies (Spanker, Flogger, Tickler, Cuffs, Blindfold, Door Jam Cuffs, Under-bed Restraints etc. It’s also not including what’s left to be reviewed. It’s a hard life being a sex toy blogger… but boy is it fun!

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