A long time ago, in a country far far away; a new sex toy enterprise was born. Catering to all things nerdy with a sublimely cheeky twist. When I received a transmission, asking if I could help review something; I knew I was their only hope.

OK, maybe not quite; but I was still hella excited to review something from Geeky Sex Toys. This small indie company, based out of Australia, have been setting the internet alight with their clever parodies of popular characters from sci-fi and fantasy in sex toy form. I think my first introduction to GST (as I shall now refer to them, for brevity) was their collection of Pokémon-inspired dildos cleverly named ‘Pokemoan’. There was Charmy, Squirty and Bulby. There was also a butt plug featuring a bolt of lightning called Piky. It’s all very clever. I’m almost jealous I didn’t come up with it first.

I had recently lamented on twitter that I was missing a good masturbator. We’ve had lots of dildos and anal toys for review, and truthfully, there’s only so much you can review like that (hence why there has been a little delay between reviews – among other reasons). So I was grateful when GST reached out to me, to offer one of their insertable delights for review. It’s as if they knew that myself (but mainly my husband) were big Star Wars fans; and thus the Hand Solo was on it’s way to us. I was quite excited.

Shipping and Delivery

Before we get into all the nitty gritty; i’ll just talk a little bit about the shipping and packaging for the product. GST state that it can take up to 7 days from the placement of the order, to the product shipping (as everything is handmade to order). My item was sent through AUSPost on the 17th August, and it arrived at my front door 25th August. The product was shipped to me in a plain white box. The customs form on the front of the box declared the item as a ‘figurine’. You may incur customs and import charges, dependent on your location; as this was a review sample, I did not. Shipping is $15 flat rate for ALL orders; spend $75+, shipping is free. You can also upgrade to express delivery – cost will vary dependant on your location.

First Impressions

The Hand Solo was packed carefully in the plain white box with plenty of tissue paper. The toy itself shipped ‘packaging free’; it arrives nestled inside a little black drawstring pouch – perfect for storing it away after use. There was a little care leaflet detailing how best to look after your product. It’s simple and understated; an that’s cool.

The Hand Solo is made from 100% soft, squishy silicone (shore A-00 to be exact). It comes in a silver metallic, somewhat marbled finish and features everyones favourite smuggler flash frozen on the side. There is a lot of detail around the edges of the toy; paneling, grates and buttons… all captured in carbonite silicone. It *almost* looks like a ‘lightsaber’ hilt; you could possibly pop it on display and no one would be none the wiser. Maybe this will go into the display cabinet with all of our other geeky things?

The vital stats: the Hand Solo measures 5.75 inches in length and has an overall circumference of 6 inches. The canal has an internal diameter of 1.25 inches, and features some mild ribbing for stimulation.

In Use

The geeky element aside, this is a by-the-book masturbation sleeve. And that’s pretty much how it performs. This is my first true silicone masturbation sleeve; and I have to admit I was a little dubious as silicone, whilst it does have some give; it’s not as flexible or as pliable, as say a Fleshlight or a TENGA masturbator. I was concerned this was going to be a little restrictive… and truthfully I was half-right.

My husband was the lucky devil who got to try out this toy first. We lubed him up and when he was ready, I began to slip the Hand Solo over his ‘saber. He does have a thicker girth than me (it’s around 6 inches) and as the sleeve moved down further, I could feel the sleeve stretching to accommodate him. He said it felt a little tight, so I doused the inside with even more lube. Eventually, we’d created enough glide that he was able to stroke with it. I sat and watched initially; the sleeve made everything look so much bigger; and when I took over stroking for him, everything FELT bigger as well. Every now and again, the tip would poke out the other end, allowing to spice things up with a little tease of the tongue.

Not wanting to have all the fun himself, he passed it over to me. With anticipation, I lubed up and slipped inside the chamber. The sleeve definitely feels a little more on the snug side, but for me, it wasn’t too bad. Honestly, it felt like I had a butt clenching me tightly. I was surprised by how much I could feel the internal ribbing; despite it feeling low profile when I was feeling it out with my fingers; on my shaft it was very noticeable. It didn’t quite have me reaching orgasm in less than 12 parsecs; but it still felt pretty nice. The silicone has enough squish that I could enhance the sensations with a good squeeze as well; and the texture all around the outside made it much easier to keep hold off when hands were a little… slippery.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As with silicone dildos, this toy can be looked after in so many ways, dependent on your preference. You can boil it, bleach it (in a 10% dilution), pop it in the dishwasher on a sanitise cycle or just give it a thorough rinse with soap and water. It’s all good! When you are finished, you can dry it and pop it back in the supplied storage bag, ready for your next galactic adventure.


OK; so let’s get down to the real tea. As someone famously said, “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good cock sleeve at your side, kid.” There’s a chance I might be paraphrasing; but still. As far as masturbators go; this does the job. The sensation is pretty good and it does bring me to orgasm. Is it the best? Well it’s no Flip Hole or Fleshjack; but it’s just… cool looking. It ticks all my big nerd boxes; and it brought a goofy spark of fun into our regular masturbation routine. It’s not always meant to be taken seriously; and if this triggers the pair of us having our own ‘saber battles then… I guess that’s a win?

I would definitely urge you to check GST out; they do stock a wide range of hilarious fantasy products; but what I really love about this company, is that even though these are sex toys and parodies; they are made with an element of respect to the original source material. These folx clearly love and adore all the same geeky things that we do; and I love that. I hope they continue to set the internet alight with their nerdy creations. This is a company I can fully get behind, especially as I have my eyes on a Laser Sword, Long Shaft and Darth Vibrator!

Where to Buy

The Hand Solo retails for $69 (giggle) and you can pick it up direct from Geeky Sex Toys.

I would like to thank Geeky Sex Toys for sending us the Hand Solo free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our thoughts or opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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