Your eyes are not deceiving you. We are back with a brand new review, just like I promised! And it’s a good one. It’s been a long time since a masturbation aid has given me a lot to be excited for; and the Fun Factory Manta has not only changed my masturbation game, it’s changed oral sex for me as well.

This arrived in my lap towards the end of last year; sent to me unannounced by the ever so kind people over at Fun Factory. There was no pressure to review it; but I was still looking to give it a try; and now that I have – I feel I need to scream it from the rooftops. I fucking LOVE this toy. So let’s not pussy foot around, let’s just dive straight on with the review.

The Manta Vibrating Stroker was sent to us free of charge by Fun Factory. Whilst there was no request or requirement to review the toy, I am still letting you know that this was sent to us. Transparency is important!

First Impressions

The Manta arrives in the standard Fun Factory packaging. It’s cute, fun, inoffensive and quirky. This is the brand in a nutshell. Inside the box, you get the Manta, a manual and a magnetic USB charging cable. The Manta is made from body safe silicone, and has the same motor as their G5 line of vibrators. You need to charge up the vibrator for around 6-8 hours for the initial charge, and this should give around 2 hours of play time.

The Manta is waterproof (for aquatic play time) and easy cleaning. There are 12 overall modes of vibration – 6 constant speeds and then 6 patterns. The operational interface is located in the iconic looped handle, which offer a good ergonomic grip, allowing the functions to be used easily during play. It’s also surprisingly quiet as well, making it discreet and perfect for travel.

In Use

The Manta obviously has it’s uses solo, but it really shines as a toy to use with someone else. But we’ll start with the solo aspect. The Manta is essentially a vibrating shaft that has ‘wings’ on the tip, that wrap around the shaft. There are ridges that are designed to not only offer a little extra sensation, but they actually hold lube to allow for the perfect glide during use. Simply apply a little lube to the inside of the ‘winged’ section, lube yourself up and then slip the wings around the shaft and… well, away you go!

The main bulk of the vibrations feature prominently at the very tip of the device, where the ‘wings’ spread out in the middle. This feels great when pressed against the underside of the penis (around the frenulum). However because of the design of the wings, you do actually feel the vibration all around, and it really allows it to resonate deep inside the penis. This of course intensifies as you work your way through the different speeds.

It’s easy to glide the device up and down the shaft; so you can experiment with finding out where the best position is for you. As an actual stroker though, it does feel really nice just moving the stroker up and down, and all around. For me, personally, when using it solo, the best spot for me is around my frenulum. It only takes a matter of minutes for the vibrations to work their magic and have me twitching and jerking in orgasmic delight.

It takes two to tango…

Most things are often better with an extra pair of hands, and the Manta really comes into it’s own when shared with a partner. Placing the Manta at the base of the shaft during a blow job is just next level… My husband was the first to experience this. As I got him comfortable, I carefully placed the Manta at the base of the shaft, and set the vibrations on to their lowest speed. And then, whilst he was getting comfortable, I started teasing the tip of his shaft with my tongue, my lips; and then as I turned up the vibrations, I took him deeper into my mouth. His hands grasped at the sheets and he arched his head back and muttered ‘Oh my god…’

With the Manta focusing on the lower half, my mouth on the top, I moved the manta to meet my lips in the middle. His body was frantically writhing around, and his breathing was getting deeper and heavier. Eventually, he got the point where he was grabbing out to say ‘stop! i’m gonna blow…’. And I took the speed right down. “You have GOT to try this…” and he sat up and threw me onto my back. He followed the same routine as me; placed the Manta on the base of my penis and then used his mouth the work the top.

I really cannot explain the sensation. But everything combined together was just a sensory overload. The vibrations combined with the sucking made it feel like I was having the most intense deep throat experience. My whole shaft was vibrating and it didn’t take me long before I was reaching the point of no return. I’m gonna put it out there right now; best blow job EVER. Although to be fair, i’ve never had any reason to complain with his technique. In fact, this just enhanced his technique to another level. A level that I want to stay on… forever.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Thanks to the waterproof design, clean up is incredibly simple. You can rinse the device under the tap or in some warm soapy water. Do pay close attention to the ridges, as they can hold onto lube and bodily fluids, but it’s not difficult. Once finished, you can just pop it away ready for next time. I’ve gotten a good 4/5 uses from the device before I need to recharge (but obviously your mileage may vary, dependent on how long… well, i’m sure you know what i’m getting at).


As I mentioned earlier, it has been a long time since a masturbator got me excited (no, not like that. Well, I guess maybe like that…) and the Manta did not disappoint. The vibrations are strong, rumbly and penetrate the shaft deeply. The ergonomic handle and design actually works to it’s advantage, and is very easy to use. It’s fun to use solo but it really does become a whole new experience when used with someone else, and that’s why I highly recommend this toy. So if you like penile vibrations, or are looking for something to make a blow job or exciting (or less strenuous) then the Manta could be the very thing you are looking for.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Manta from the following stores:

Lovehoney (UK) / CloneZone (UK) / SheVibe (UK/US/CA/AU)

The Manta Vibrating Stroker was sent to us free of charge by Fun Factory. Whilst there was no request or requirement to review the toy, I am still letting you know that this was sent to us. Transparency is important! Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog, please consider using these links when making your purchases. It doesn’t cost you any extra! 

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