It’s double bill review day today! When this item arrived in the post, along with a bundle of other goodies from MEO; I really wasn’t quite sure what to say. I thought, for a second, there had been a mistake.

“Why have they sent me a bottle of engine oil?” I first exclaimed when I picked up the bottle out of the packaging. As I turned it over and looked at the label on the front, the penny dropped. ‘Ah’ I muttered. This shouldn’t have been surprising really, but this is what happens when you are only getting an hours sleep a night. Well played, MEO… Well Played. Anyway, I digress…

The bottle I held in my hand was not, as I first suspected, a bottle of engine oil. Formula X Anal Injection Lube (to give it it’s full name) is a hybrid lubricant that features the look and feel of, well… yeah, engine oil! It’s also MASSIVE. This is a full litre bottle of lubricant. I’ve never owned a bottle this big. I’m not even sure I could get through that much lube so quickly. But we can at last have a lot of fun trying…

First Impressions

I’ll start by quoting the label:

Formula X Hybrid lubricates not only your ‘piston’! A whole litre of lubricant with the look and feel of engine oil for gang bangs, oil wresting, massages, fisting, anal and vaginal intercourse. The amber hybrid lubricant FORMULA X looks like engine oil from the workshop and feels like oil, but is a refined mix of water and silicone-based anti-friction lubricant gel; combining the best advantages of both products. It is rich. long-lasting and lubricates like silicone, but is also caring as as easy to wash off as water-based lubricant cream. FORMULA X is condom-compatible, oil and greaser-free, breathable, odourless and tasteless.

So yeah, there you have it. I do appreciate a good hybrid lube, and the last hybrid lube we tried from MEO ticked all the boxes, despite it’s erm, unusual name. So the bottle indeed looks like something you’d find in the BP garage, but it features a slightly greasy twink on the front. Aside from that, the packaging is quite… well, i’d hate to say discreet but like, if I saw this lying around somewhere; I probably wouldn’t give it a second glance (although do many people keep engine oil in the bedroom?).

The lube is quite thick, and features glycerine and propylene glycol. I’ve never experienced any sensitivities to these ingredients when used anally, but I would always express caution when using vaginally. I cannot comment on it’s use for fisting or wrestling, but it has been used with a lot of sex toys and during sex, so that will be the main focus.

In Use

Formula X Anal Injection Lube doesn’t come with a pump or any kind of applicator. Not a problem if you are going to use it for wresting or gang bangs (biker bukkake fantasy, maybe?) but for careful application for sex and masturbation, it’s a little bit of an issue. I had to purchase a cheap pump dispenser to decant some of the product into, just so I can use it. Although, to be fair, it’s actually been nice having a pump dispenser of lube on the side of the bed that doesn’t really look like lube… so I suppose it’s not the end of the world. But I would love it, if in future, the bottles could at least be packaged with an optional pump top, or even like, a syringe type applicator. Anyway, onto the lube itself…

With Sex Toys

So I usedFormula X Anal Injection Lube with several sex toys (mostly insertable silicone toys and a few masturbator sleeves). The lube has a decently thick consistency meaning it applied relatively mess-free. It feels slick, and allowed for easy and comfortable insertion of a whole range of dildos and plugs. It stayed slippery for ages, and from what I recall, I never needed to reapply (especially as a little bit of saliva made things slick when things did start to dry out a little).

When it came to cleaning, it washed off the toys with minimal effort, and didn’t leave behind any residues, and it did not cause any problems with any of the silicone toys that I used with it. So for use with toys, it definitely does what is required and I can’t be mad at that.

During Sex and Masturbation

Used just in the hand for masturbation,Formula X Anal Injection Lube again, works pretty well. After about 20 minutes, the formula did start to dry out and get a little bit sticky (which is always one of my issues with standard water-based lubricants), but a little saliva once again reactivated the lube, and it was pleasantly slippery again.

During sex, the silicone allows for smooth entry. We were able to enjoy a full session without having to reapply any more. When were finished, it rinsed away very easily (which is where silicone lube falls down). It performed well, and allowed for comfortable penetrative sex. Again, that’s all that I really require from my lube, so another thumbs up.

So is there anything to complain about? Well, honestly, I am finding it difficult to find something about this lube that I didn’t like. I guess, the only problem I have with the lube is the colour. It’s not overly appealing to me, but that could be because, I don’t know; i’ve never thought engine oil was arousing! But I understand, if it was a different colour, it would ruin the overall effect and point of the product; so that’s just my cross to bear.


Does it work as a lubricant for sex and masturbation? Yes, it does and I have to say, extremely well. The concept is pretty clever, if you are into some sort of mechanic fantasy (and you know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). As I mentioned earlier, I just wish it came with an optional pump dispenser to allow for easier application. As for the odourless and tasteless claims, there is definitely a scent. It’s not very strong; and it feels like a ‘generic lube smell’. As for tasteless, there’s a mild moment of bitterness but it doesn’t last very long (unlike the lube itself!).

If you don’t mind buying in bulk, or you are a regular heavy player, then the Formula X Anal Injection Lube could be a big hit. For me, I wish the Cyborg Cock had a cum-tube so I could use this with it for some squirty fun…

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Formula X Anal Injection Lube from MEO for €59 for a whole litre (that’s £52 approx).

I would like to thank MEO for sending us the Formula X Anal Injection Lube free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our experiences or opinions of this or any other product we review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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