It’s great when you have those moments where you expect a toy to disappoint you slightly; but then you use it and you have to hold your hand up and say “yeah, I was wrong”. This is one of those moments. 

My last experience with a Blowmotion item was when Lovehoney introduced the 12 Days of Play advent calendar. The final day was a dual entry vibrating masturbator and to be honest, it was just a bit… meh. I expected so much more. But whilst I was browsing the vast catalogue of strokers that is on offer; this new entry to the Blowmotion range caught my eye; the Real-Feel Turbo Power Masturbator. It looked pretty funky and it claimed to offer extra powerful vibrations delivered by not one, not two but THREE motors! Sign me the hell up!

Once it had arrived and I had opened the box; there was a certain level of trepidation; it was *quite* heavy and the sleeve itself was quite small. I was certain that I wouldn’t have an issue but my husband is a little chunkier in the girth department and I was worried he wouldn’t be able to use it (at least comfortably). But that’s why we do these things and I’m glad we did because we both ended up pleasantly surprised. So let’s jump in and find out more…

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Blowmotion Real-Feel Turbo Power Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The first thing you’ll note about the Blowmotion Real-Feel Turbo Power Masturbator is it’s weight. It’s a heavy box! It’s packaged in a fairly sophisticated box – as you open the lid, you’ll find the charging cable. Lift up the flap, and the stroker will be packaged in a little plastic bag. There is also an instruction manual as well. The main body of the stroker is made from smooth black silicone, and the insert is made from a moderately squishy TPE. The insert measures around 6 inches of penetrable length and is a little on the snug side. But there is a delicious amount of texture on the inside.

The masturbator will need a full charge before use and it did take a few hours to be ready. Once fully charged, we can get about 90 minutes of usage out of it which isn’t too bad. There are 8 modes of vibration and 12 speeds; and there is also a ‘Turbo’ button, which when pressed, will put the toy at it’s maximum power to hopefully tip you over the edge into orgasmsville. I still had my doubts but with a small amount of hesitation, we headed to the bedroom to see what it could do.

In Use

After a good amount of foreplay and ensuring we were both in the mood, I grabbed the masturbator and a bottle of lube and gave the inside of the sleeve a good soaking. I hoped that the saturation of lubricant would allow the Mr’s chunky cock to slide inside without too much discomfort; as at this point I was still worried he wasn’t going to fit. I switched it on to it’s lowest speed and very carefully began to slide it over his cock. There was a little bit of resistance; it’s certainly a snug fit. However due to the ‘open’ nature of the casing – a little squeeze of the sleeve created a small amount of suction which drew him right in; and to my surprise – he fit!

With the greatest of care, I began to stroke his cock whilst carefully watching his face for signs of discomfort. He lay there with his eyes closed, and moaning softly. Once I could see he was comfortable, we started to up the vibrations. His body responded favourably. I watched the sleeve bulging as his cock stuffed the texture chamber; to the point I could see it almost bursting out the end. “Is it OK? It’s not too tight is it?”. He shook his head. “No, it’s fine. It feels good” he said, with a breathy whisper.

Time to up the ante; let’s go full on Turbo. As I pressed the button, the stroker whirred into life at it’s highest speed and he started to breath really fast. I could see him bucking his hips slightly, and he was beginning to squirm in the tell-tale signs that an orgasm was fast approaching. Just as he was about to reach the point of no-return; I slipped the stroker off his cock and I watched it twitch furiously. As he was catching his breath, I plunged his cock back inside and he clutched the duvet. With just a few strokes he was shaking and he started spluttering as his cock couldn’t take any more. Knowing his warm load was now inside; it was my turn.

I swiftly slipped it over my own twitched member and the inside was warm. It was already on it’s highest setting. At this point, my first impression was that the vibrations weren’t as necessarily strong as I thought they were going to be; especially given that it’s 3 motors (and the thing was noisy as hell). And yet, somehow, it still seemed to ‘work’. The vibrations weren’t necessarily being felt anywhere in particular; it was more of an all ‘encompassing’ kind of a feeling. The texture inside the sleeve was firm but not unpleasant. As I thrusted, I could see the sleeve bulging through the slits in the silicone body. I marvelled at the sight of my own glans looking like it wanted to burst free.

As I lay back and got comfortable, he took over stroking duty. I lay there in absolute delight as the sleeve really gripped and massaged with the vibrations just being the secondary feature rather than the main attraction. It wasn’t long before I was gasping as the throes of orgasm took over my body. I had to beg him to stop as my dick was now feeling extremely sensitive and couldn’t take any more sensation. We both lay there, panting and sweating, completely surprised at what had just happened.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The Blowmotion Real-Feel Turbo Power Masturbator is meant to be submersible; but I have to admit being a bit hesitant about that as the charing port is quite ‘open’. However the sleeve does remove nice and easily, and that can be throughly rinsed under the tap. It’s fairly flexible so can be turned inside out to ensure everything is fully removed. Once it’s dry, a very light dusting of ‘renewer’ powder will help keep it feeling silky. If you don’t have anything like that, it’s basically cornflour so if you have that in your larder – that will do. As for the outer shell; to be on the safe side, I just wiped it over with a damp cloth.


We were both pleasantly surprised at how much we liked this. It’s not a perfect ride – there are a couple of things that I would change, if I could. Firstly, whilst the vibrations are nice – I do feel that for something with 3 motors – it doesn’t feel like the full potential of them are really being felt inside the sleeve. I don’t know if that’s down to the position of the motors or thickness of the sleeve – all I know is that a lot of the vibrations are being lost into the handle.

Speaking of which, the buttons could do with being a little more pronounced. Once lube gets involved, it becomes a little trickier to operate. I would also love it if there was some little LEDs so I could still see what button does what in a lower light environment. It’s a little unsexy having to stop and try and figure out what button your pressing whilst int he middle of a passionate session.

As for the actual sleeve itself; whilst we were both able to use it – I do think if you are bigger than a six inch circumference; you may struggle a little. We noted that whilst the sleeve was snug, it did expand and thanks to the fact the casing is made from silicone, rather than plastic, this did allow for a certain amount of expansion – something you don’t get from strokers like Fleshlight. But for the most part, it worked well for us and we’ll certainly be using it again.

Where to Buy

You can pick up your own Blowmotion Real-Feel Turbo Power Masturbator from Lovehoney. Don’t forget, you can use code BIGGAYREV15 to save 15% off full price items if you order from the UK/US.

Not keen? Don’t forget to check out the latest releases; you might find something to wet your whistle there.

I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending us the Blowmotion Real-Feel Turbo Power Masturbator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog and the work we do; please share with people you think would enjoy this and should you wish to purchase; please use our links! Doesn’t cost you extra and it allows me to continue doing this! So thank you in advance! x

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