I recently mentioned this toy in my guide to prostate massagers, so it’s only fair that I actually give you my full and honest opinion of this toy, especially as I have recommended it!

Aneros is a brand who have built themselves up from the bottom (literally) – they are the go to specialist when it comes to anal and prostate toys. And there is a good reason.

I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift, and was so extremely grateful – especially has I had been thinking about giving  one of these devices a go. So how did it fare? Well read on to find out…

First Impressions

The Helix Syn is an updated version of the best selling Helix. The difference between the two, is that the Syn now has a soft silicone coating, making it even more comfortable to use. From a packaging point of view, it’s very well done. You have a nice outer cardboard box, and then inside is a ‘gift box’ with a magnetic flap, which when you open up, reveals the Syn nestled in a plastic tray.

The Syn itself is about 4 inches insertable, and has a circumference of around 3 inches – making it ideal for those looking to advance in their anal training. It has a finger loop to help keep hold of it during use, and has a rigid plastic arm with a rounded tip – this rests on the perineum during use.

I think it looks like a very masculine toy, nice deep dark colours, and the silicone on the outside doesn’t feel like the really soft silky silicone I normally expect from a silicone toy – but it didn’t feel wholly unpleasant either.

In Use

Unlike dildo’s and vibrating prostate toys, the Aneros is designed to be used a little bit differently. Instead of thrusting or moving the toy in an out with your hands, the idea is to use your pelvic floor muscles to help ‘move’ the toy. In a nutshell, what you’ll be doing, is once the toy is inserted – you will ‘clench’ – this will ‘pull’ the toy further inside, and will gently begin to stimulate the prostate. When it comes to prostate massage, it’s all about training your body to react to the pleasurable sensations it is receiving. This is why it’s usually unlikely that on your first attempt at p-spot massage, that anything spectacular will happen. But with patience and practice, wonderful things can happen! So with that in mind, I got myself comfortable and ready for my first session. The aim was to not give myself any other physical stimulation, other than what the Syn was giving me. I decided I was going to put some porn on to help set the mood, but other than that, I was going on ‘solo’ so to speak. As this is coated in a layer of silicone, make sure you use a good quality water-based lubricant. So, here we go..!

The toy inserted very easily, and felt extremely comfortable. For a few moments, I just lay there with the Syn inside, just as my body relaxed again. With a deep breath, I clenched. The Syn moved and I felt it touch the prostate. It’s really difficult to describe what it actually feels like when something touches your prostate. Aside from “ooh it feels good” – trying to describe the actual physical feeling is damn near impossible. For me, it feels like a slight “pulling” sensation – but a really pleasant one! As I breathed out, I unclenched. For about 15 minutes, I lay there, breathing in and breathing out deeply… clenching and releasing with each inhale and exhale. Aside from feeling totally relaxed, I felt blissfully happy.

For the next few weeks, I kept this up. Every other day, I would get it out, and spend about half an hour, just working with the Aneros. After the 3rd week, something marvellous happened. I must have been incredibly aroused, and as I lay there with the Syn doing it’s thing, I increased the speed of the movement. As soon as I started to drip, I knew I was getting close. I began to rock my hips backward and forward too, and suddenly there was an almost blinding feeling… I know what a regular orgasm felt like, but this felt so much more intense – it felt deeper, like it was coming from my very core. I shuddered violently.

I lay there, completely breathless. I was drenched in sweat, and I found myself shaking somewhat. Every part of my body suddenly felt very sensitive. I burst out laughing. Not because it was funny, but because sometimes, when you aren’t quite sure how to react to something, laughing just make it better. I had trouble standing up so I could clean myself. I think I ended up just laying there for another half an hour whilst I recovered. Since then, the Syn has given me several deeply pleasurable orgasms. However, I feel it’s important to point out that it doesn’t happen everytime. With me, I think alot of the time, it’s all about the mindset as well as the sensations. If I’m not completely in the moment, then the p-spot orgasm just doesn’t happen, and I have to rely on the old hand to get my release.

To that end, I don’t really see the Syn as a ‘toy’ per se – it’s more a personal trainer – it helps you unlock the potential that prostate massage can bring. It’s not a quick and easy process, and it takes dedication and practice to get there, but if you are prepared to give it the time – I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and your patience will be rewarded – big time.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Clean-up of the Syn is as easy as running it under the tap and and rinsing with some water and toy cleaner. I’ve found that the silicone on the Syn doesn’t quite attract dust as much as the very ‘silky’ feel silicone does – however it’s not totally dust free – so best letting this air-dry and then pop back in it’s tray to keep it nice and clean. I always make sure to give it another little wipe over with a toy wipe just before use to ensure it is dust free before use.


To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this particular toy. It’s the only non-vibrating prostate toy I have, so I didn’t know if this was really going to be for me (as I bloody love vibrations). However using something like this helped changed my attitude to prostate massage and anal play in general. It’s not all about thrusting and vibrating. It’s about the mental sensations as well as the physical – and I definitely have a new found perspective. This is perfect for intermediates who are looking for something to help them reach the next level. As I said, patience and practice can help you achieve marvellous things with this little device.

 Where to buy

Note: The HELIX Syn has been updated to a slightly new design. You can also purchase a vibrating version (we haven’t reviewed this so cannot vouch for it’s performance).

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