Can you believe January is almost over! I can still taste my Christmas dinner! In line with ‘The Big Gay Reviews‘ ethos; we at gay sex toys store esmale thought it might be a good idea to have a look at 2022 and see what that year gave us in terms of adult play trends and behaviour.

In addition, we will have a little preview of what is in store for 2023 and how we aim to get you sexually satisfied through the use of products and gear.

This is a sponsored post. No affiliate links have been included. Words and images have been provided by Esmale. 

We are liking it a bit more hardcore!

One of the trends we have noticed is that customers are shopping for more hardcore and extreme toys. In our anal toys for men collection, we noticed that bigger size products are getting more popular. Where the average product size use to be around 7 inches it is now gone up to 8.5 inches with huge items going up to 20 inches proving very popular. It looks like we all enjoy a good stuffing. Not only is the size getting bigger we all seem to love our toys with bells and whistles. The more it vibrates, rotates or have an electro stimulation element the more we enjoy it. 

Another indication that we love to play hard is the increase in the sales of fetish and BDSM items. Especially bondage items feed the imagination of many. The bondage kits like the “under the bed restraint kit”, “bondage starter kit”, “collar to cuff” and the “travel sling” seem to be items that people love to play with. A lovely development was to see that the average age of people wanting to start the journey of sexual self-exploration is going down. A movement we hope is due to the fact that it is more and more accepted to treat yourself to some adult pleasure by means of products. This is something we work towards daily, spreading the message that self-love in any form is good for the body, mind, and soul.

Showing of a bit of flesh!

For those that like to look at a bit of male flesh, you are in luck. It seems that we are all loving to show off what we are made of. This covers small and larger men. The amount of bottomless underwear, jocks, singlets and harnesses we are selling has almost doubled. Addicted underwear is a particular favourite along with fetish gear providers Breedwell. Many of these styles are worn clubbing, events or adult parties. The harnesses seems to be propping up everywhere, even in nonadult environments, it is a great way of self-expression.

Quality matters

It looks like people are willing to pay out a bit extra for a premium product. From our point of view this makes sense. Premium products last longer and provide more functionalities and thus offer more value. Of course the lower value items do precisely what they need to do; provide pleasure, but they might not have the same longevity and high quality materials or finishing. This applies to toys, underwear, fetish gear but also essentials like poppers, lube and performance enhancers. A good lube can make all the difference. Sessions will last longer, and some can take away any discomfort.

2023, the only way is up!

We have big plans for the next year. With the knowledge from the previous years, we are armed with what our customers want. Based on this we have many new product ranges coming that will get your juices flowing. From fully automatic masturbators to anal toys that will satisfy the greediest of bottoms and lots of hot new underwear and fetish gear. We would be very surprised of you don’t find something in the store that will get you off big time, or looks great on you. 

The time is now, we are running a big sale at the moment with many items enjoying big discounts so if you are tempted, pop online and check out, it is our mission to provide you with the pleasure and play your heart desires.

With love,

Team esmale!

This is a sponsored post. No affiliate links have been used. Words and images provided by esmale.

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