Good day to you absolutely gorgeous human beings. It has been an absolute age since we were last posting, and for that; I can only apologise.  So what’s been going on?

Well, a lot – as I’m sure you can appreciate. Firstly, the pandemic had a far more significant impact than I genuinely expected at the start. The first British lockdown in March 2020 completely knocked me off my feet. Going from being always very busy to… nothing … it was a huge culture shock, as I’m sure it was for many other people. The first few weeks were fine, but the longer it drew on, I definitely started to feel withdrawn and found my enthusiasm for all the things I loved doing, was slowly disappearing.

That included writing. And sex. Given the daily news briefings of the many hundred’s of people who were dying, it was difficult to even just feel aroused, let alone actually be aroused. Once we were out of lockdown and I was back to work, going from doing ‘nothing’ to being very busy again was now more exhausting than normal. Again, I just didn’t feel sexy when I was feeling constantly drained – both physically and mentally. Of course, this is a small problem compared to the pain and suffering many families were going through as they lost loved ones to this virus. My heart broke every time you saw how it was affecting people. It was a very dark period, something I never thought I would have experienced in my lifetime.

Then as we moved into the fire-break lockdown of November 2020, I was more prepared for the downtime; but we were fast approaching Christmas and there were still lots of concerns about whether people were going to be able to see their family or their friends. Christmas arrived and we went straight away into the second lockdown; which lasted until April 2021. Again, this time I was better prepared and took this downtime from work as an opportunity to start working on my health and well-being.

We also took a delivery of a life-size sex doll for review (which I promise, is still very much on the horizon and is due to be published soon). This certainly kept us occupied for a little while. But naturally, with not being so active on the blog (and on social media), we started to feel the knock on effects. Brands were no longer reaching out to us for reviews; our visitor count slowly started to decline (thankfully we still are seeing healthy numbers but compared to 2 years ago…). I desperately wanted to revive the blog but it was just finding the time in between work and all of my new found passions that I was also wanting to direct my time too.

Then in September 2021, I got a temporary promotion at work (maternity cover) and I was now working 40 hours a week as a retail manager – and if anyone who has worked in retail knows; Sept-to-Jan is incredibly busy as we gear up for the busy holiday season. Going from part-time to full-time work was another ‘shock’ to the system; and was finding when I did have days off to write; I was just so exhausted. December was the most incredibly stressful month as I ended up managing the store with skeleton staff and no stock as the virus had forced several team members to isolate; and 90% of the manufacturing team were also not able to work. But we managed to pull through and now we’re in 2022 and things are changing.

Thankfully, my temporary contract is coming to an end in April; this means I’ll be back to my standard 24 hour week. This will already free up some time so I can begin to work on content more often. But recently, I’ve been thinking about all of my OTHER passions and interests; and realised I can’t commit to these if I’m spending most of my time at work. I’m very fortunate to have gotten myself to a good position financially; that I can actually take a step down at work – give myself even more time to be at home; allowing myself to continue working on my other projects.

This isn’t to say I’m going to be blogging full time; but you certainly will be seeing a lot more of me over the coming weeks as I start to make the transition. I’ve already begun the process of working through all my old posts and updating links where I can. It’s going to be a long, pain-staking process but one that I am happy and excited to be doing. I’ve missed this blog. I’ve missed the community and I can’t wait to get my name back out there and just start having some fun again.

If you have any ideas of any specific content you would like to see, whether that’s specific guides or reviews or even ideas for erotic stories; drop a comment down below, send me an email or drop me a message on Twitter – I want to ensure that coming back, I’m creating the content that you want to see.

In the meantime; I’d best be getting on with some reviews.. there’s no time like the present!

All the best,

David x

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