Can you believe it? It’s already December. This year has flown by far too quickly. I wanted to write a short post to update on a few things, and to explain why it’s been ‘quiet’ lately.

I decided that December would be a month of ‘reflection’ – a chance to take stock, as a lot of things have happened over the past few weeks, and I haven’t really given myself time to properly deal with them. So there won’t be a lot of content popping up for the next 3/4 weeks or so. My grandfather was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and whilst the prognosis has been ‘hopeful’, his advanced age is always a concern. It was a shock out of the blue, but we are trying to remain positive. My husbands gran is also very ill, so lots of time is being spent with our loved ones as we try to get through this uncertain period.

That’s not to say there won’t be ANYTHING. I still have at least 2 reviews I aim to have completed before the new year, and of course the annual christmas shopping guide. I’m also crafting my best/worst lists of 2016 as well – so there is still plenty to look forward to on the blog.

Entering 2017, in case you weren’t aware, we will be speaking at Eroticon in March. I will also be dedicating a lot of time to this (as I am hella nervous about it) so you may only see one review a week (or so) until Eroticon has been and gone.

Continuing with the positives – we placed in the Top 100 of the Kinkly Sex Blogger Superheroes 2016. We came in at No. 18 overall, No.2 in the blogs for/by men and No. 8 for toy reviews. We also placed at No.7 over in the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list over at Molly’s Daily Kiss. I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last 2 and half years. Whether you’ve simply visited, or shared a post. Whether you’ve shopped using our links or just followed us on Twitter… you’re support means a lot to me. I can only hope we continue strong into 2017.

I want to wish everyone a peaceful and loving festive period. This is a time to really appreciate yourselves, each other and everything we have. Stay safe, stay sexy and I look forward to the next 12 months.