I nuzzle my face into your neck, softly kissing your most sensitive spots. As your breathing becomes deeper, I wrap my fingers around your engorged cock. I move to whisper into your ear, as I begin to stroke your shaft; “Come for me”. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to orgasm myself. I genuinely cannot describe how amazing it feels; but something I love even more than my own orgasm – is watching him cum. It fills me with such a deep sense of satisfaction; to the point that even if I don’t cum during a session – I still feel completely fulfilled.

I love the way his body moves as we move closer to the final destination. The way his back arches slightly and his head tilts back into the pillow. The way he bites his lip in an attempt to silence the screams of pleasure that are fighting to get out. His chest is heaving as his breathing gets faster and heavier; whilst little beads of sweat start forming on his furrowed brow.

His cock will start to feel heavier; the veins will begin bulging and I can feel it pulse with every stroke. If I’m really lucky; little strings of pre-cum will make his beautiful cock head glisten in the dim candle-lit bedroom.

I know when he’s getting close. His toes will start to curl. He’ll softly utter a breathless ‘careful’ as a warning. Sometimes I will back off; and I’ll let him endure some prolonged pleasure. However on this occasion; this is all the encouragement I need. I’ll move myself into a better position; I’ll get between his legs so he is laid out before me. His cock is still in my hand and I now have the prime viewing spot for the greatest show on earth. “Come for Me”.

And the best thing is, each show is different. Sometimes, he will shoot several thick, heavy ropes of cum. They’ll splash down on his hairy belly before pooling down just above his cock. And then there are those times he’ll shoot past his chest, surprising even himself. I think I enjoy when it just drips down his shaft; his cock slick and slippery. I’m filled with a warmth that radiates all through my body. I worked really hard for that and the payoff was absolutely delicious.

“Come for me” I’ll say; as I kneel before him. He is stroking is cock and I am underneath, gazing up; waiting patiently for my reward. My own dick twitches, as I watch his foreskin sliding over his juicy glans. His knees begin to buckle slightly; as I realise he’s close. “Come for me” I’ll whisper again. As he orgasms, he throws his head back and lets out a purely primal, animalistic groan. I feel his spunk splash over my face. It’s warm and it drips down onto my chest. At this point, I barely have to touch my own cock and I am exploding.

But most of the time, I just want to make him come. Watch him come. And he’s always more than happy to let me indulge.

Our first Sexy Thoughts post of 2023 and I can’t believe I almost let this Kink of the Week prompt pass me by! But in typical me fashion; I squeak in a quick post at the very end! Don’t forget to go and check out all of the other posts for this prompt by clicking the above link and once again – thanks to Molly for picking a great prompt! Hope you enjoyed this little post. Until next time…

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