As we are a mere hour or so away from leaving September behind, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of what has happened on the blog, and boy – what a month it has been!

When I started the blog back in May, I didn’t really think anything would come of it. It was just something to keep me occupied, and to help me share my love and knowledge on all things sex toys. I had a few hits here and there, and to be honest, I was excited when in my first month I got 139 views.

Then August hit and traffic to the blog shot up – and we had 310 visitors generate over 700 page views. I couldn’t believe it! I could never have imagined that September would not only see it get better – but it blew the stats for May – August completely out of the water!


I am truly shocked, but at the same time incredibly humbled by the reception and feedback I’ve been getting for the blog. I only hope that we can keep the momentum going and go onwards and upwards from here! So, a massive thank you to everyone who has subscribed, or followed on Twitter. You are all AWESOME!

So, let’s break it down:


1. Nexus Revo Stealth Prostate Massager – 518 Views

2. Fun Factory B Balls Butt Plug Jiggle Balls – 142 Views

3. L’Amourose Rosa Extra Quiet G-Spot and Prostate Massager – 136 Views

4. Prostate Massagers: A Buyers Guide – 58 Views

5. Fun Factory Pulsator Stronic Zwei Prostate Massager – 53 Views


1. USA (690 Views)

2. UK (441 Views)

3. Germany/Canada (161 Views Each)

4. France  (96 Views)

5. Netherlands (64 Views)

So if you have visited the blog, subscribed, followed, tweeted, shared – anything – thank you! You are the best!

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