I have to admit, this one review has been really difficult to write – for many reasons.

I don’t think it’s inherently a ‘bad product’ – I just don’t think it’s something that I (or my penis) agrees with. It’s also been difficult because I requested to review this for the kind folk over at SexToys.co.uk – however I must be honest – I pride myself on my honest reviews, and I would not want to do anything to harm my integrity – I respect the readers of my blog too much to just blow smoke up your asses (although if you like that sort of thing, fair enough!).

First Impressions

I had hoped that this toy would redeem for the awfulness I dealt with when I ordered the Zini Bang Bang last year, and to some extent, this did repair some of the damage caused by that particular toy – however, after several uses, and several failed orgasms, I have to come to the conclusion that my penis just doesn’t like rotational toys. But at least it didn’t feel like I was putting my dick into a blender.

The REV1000 arrives in a nice enough package – a nice smooth matte box with no pictures whatsoever – just a laboured text description of what the toy claims to achieve. There is a magnetic flap on the side, which opens up to reveal the toy inside the packaging. It’s fairly basic and extremely non-threatening.

Inside, the REV sits in it’s own plastic tray, and there is a secondary box which contains:

  1. Charger Cable
  2. 4 Adapters (UK/US/EU/AU – thanks Steven!)
  3. A Spare Textures Sleeve
  4. Instruction Manual
  5. Sample of System JO Water-based Lubricant.

In terms of build quality, the REV looks fairly well made. The control panel looks a little ‘dated’ and the ‘brushed metal’ overlay looks a little cheap, but generally it feels quite sturdy. It’s not too heavy and is really quite easy to hold. You get 2 sleeves inside the box – one is already attached to the REV, and a spare sleeve is also in the secondary box. You can also buy replacement sleeves and cups separately.

How To Use

The concept of the REV is simple – you insert your penis, power on the unit, and the REV will rotate around the shaft, where the textured nubs of the TPE sleeve will caress and stimulate your penis, with the focus being mainly on the Glans.

You will need to charge the REV when it first arrives, and it took approximately 6 hours to fully charge when I first took it out of the box. Subsequent charges only took about an hour – and on a full charge, you’ll get between 40 – 60 minutes play time, dependent on which setting you go for (the lower you go, the longer it lasts).

You will want to use a good helping of water-based lubricant when you are using this toy (I used a good helping of GiveLube) to ensure maximum comfort, as if you do not use enough, you can find the REV will chafe a little bit during use. When you are ready to go, make sure you apply some lube to yourself, slide in through the non-descript opening, and then press the main power button to switch on the REV.

The REV has 7 different functions, each with 7 different speeds – so in total, there are 49 different variations you can try out with this toy. The functions are:

1. Clockwise Rotation

2. Clockwise Rotation which slows down then speeds up

3. Alternate Clockwise/Counter Clockwise

4. ‘Twist’ – fast back and forth motion

5. ‘Twist’ – as above, but with larger range of motion

6. Long Clockwise spin followed by short Counter Clockwise spin.

7. 2 Short Clockwise Spins followed by 2 short Counter Clockwise spins

There are 2 rows of LED lights on the REV handle which will show you which pattern you are on and what level of power. I have to admit, during use – I didn’t really notice much difference in speed, until I got to setting 4 and 7. Setting 2,3,5 & 6 didn’t really feel different enough.

So how does it feel? Initially, it felt quite pleasant. With a generous helping of Lube, the TPE sleeve rotated around quite nicely, and the little fronds tickled at the glans and frenulum. Unfortunately, that nice, pleasant sensation didn’t last all that long for me. Now I’m used to toys focusing their stimulation in one area – I have several vibrating toys that focus solely on the tip of the penis – The PULSE, the Hummer etc – but there is something about having something brush the tip of your penis many times in short succession that just doesn’t work with me. I found that after a few minutes, it started to make the glans feel incredibly sensitive – a similar feeling to when you’ve just had an orgasm, and I don’t know if you are like me, but once I’ve had an orgasm, I can’t stand my penis being touched because it gets super-sensitive – almost the point where it feels… painful. OK, perhaps ‘painful’ isn’t the right word, but it makes me shudder.

This was just on the lowest speed. The sensation got worse as the speed increased – I never made it to the top speed – it was just too much for me. Out of all the settings, the only one that I kind of enjoyed, was setting number 5 – the twist. I was able to last a bit longer on this setting, but even then, my penis ultimately succumbed to being ‘over-stimulated’ and it became to sensitive. I tried on several different ocassions, to orgasm with this toy – but each time, I get the same result.

It’s incredibly frustrating because I really wanted to like this, and I had read several other reviews from bloggers I respect (read Andy from RuffledSheets review here) – so I was really gutted when no matter how hard I tried, or how aroused I got myself – I just could not achieve an orgasm with this toy. I figured that perhaps I was broken – or that my penis has turned into a Diva and just isn’t going to perform just because I asked it to. At this point I’m just not too sure what is going on here, usually it has no problem – but the REV had him well and truly stumped.

Another thing to consider when getting this sort of toy, is penis size. Now I have a modest 5.5″ girth, and I was touching the sides of the opening. My other half who is 6″ in girth, found it to be a little tight – so if you are bigger than that, I don’t think you will get on well with the device at all. I should also note that you need to be careful with the amount of ‘pressure’ you apply when you slide in – there is a temptation to just ‘jam yourself in’ – but all this did was slow down the mechanism to a point of stopping. Not very helpful and/or sexy.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The REV isn’t waterproof, however it dismantles into smaller parts so it is easier to clean – you can simply unscrew all the parts (see the picture to your left) and then putting the handle aside, you can then rinse the other parts with some water and toy cleaner. Once it’s all clean, you can either leave it to dry, or dry it by hand and then put it back together and then pop it back in the box for safe-keeping. As the charge doesn’t last long on the REV, I would give it a charge before you put it away, so you know it has juice ready for next time.

The TPE sleeve will need replacing eventually – it’s not a particularly strong material, and it’s also porous, so bacteria can harbour even after cleaning – and if not cleaned and stored properly, it can deteriorate quickly – however you do get a spare sleeve inside the box, so you should be good for a while – however I did note that removing the sleeve from the cup can be a little tricky, and then trying to get the clip that holds the sleeve onto the cup back in place without tearing the sleeve can also be a little challenging – so again, you just need to take some extra care.


This is always the difficult thing when it comes to reviewing products of this nature – everyone is different and likes different things – and I for one, didn’t really enjoy the sensations this gave me. It’s well made (and should be, for the price!) and it offers something different to what regular male masturbators offer – however for me, and my penis – it’s just not right. We’re happiest with a good old, regular stroke-fest. Or 3 minutes alone with the Doxy.

Where to buy

EDIT: This product has now been discontinued.


The REV1000 was kindly sent to me at my request by Sextoys.co.uk. This in no way affects my opinions or experiences with the product, and I will always give you my total 100% honest opinion. Affiliate links have been used within this post. 

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