Massage plays a heavy role in our bedroom antics – there’s nothing quite like setting the mood with a few candles, some incense and a sensual all over body massage.

The third product we opted to review by Good Clean Love was a bottle of their Love Oil. And yes, you guessed it – I chose the Indian Spice variety. The bottle describes the oil as ‘natural aphrodisiac aromatherapy’ – allowing you to naturally awaken arousal. Well, that seemed like a very bold claim, so I couldn’t wait to actually put it to the test.

First Impressions

The Love Oil is packaged in a lovely little frosted glass bottle. As you unscrew the cap, it has a little dropped nozzle, allowing you to completely control how much you dispense (and to some extent, it helps reduce spillages, should things get a bit carried away and you knock the bottle over on the bed). It has very few ingredients – Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Tocopherol and Essential Oils.

It’s called Indian Spice, and the scent is incredibly layered and deep. Aside from the expected cinnamon and nutmeg tones, I also got a citrus note – a fresh lemony sort of smell that reminded me of being surrounded by lemon and lime trees on holiday. There’s also a light, almost liquorice scent as well. Overall, it smelt just incredible – warming and grounding. Was I feeling aroused? Well, not yet.

In Use

The oil can be used in so many different ways. Put a few drops of the oil into your bath for a truly sensual and moisturising experience. Or use it after a bath/shower for skin that smells divine as well as feeling all silky and kissable. We chose to use it like a massage oil – and boy, what a good choice that was.

I started simple and had the Mr sit between my legs, and I gave him a shoulder and neck massage. I drizzled a few drops into my hand and rubbed them together to warm things up. The aroma was intoxicating. I carefully placed my hands on his shoulders and began to glide them over the skin.

As he began to roll his head back, I knew he was enjoying it, and I carefully reach round and brushed my hands past his nose, so he could get a good sense of the smell. He breathed it in deeply. “Oh that’s nice…” he whispered. As I worked the oil on his back, it was absorbed into his skin with ease, and yet, at no point did his skin feel greasy – nor did it ever feel like I needed to use any more oil.

When we switched over, I sat between his legs and he decanted a small amount of oil into his hands. Immediately, the aroma hit me – much stronger than when I was actually giving the massage. I felt incredibly relaxed, and whilst I didn’t feel ‘aroused’, I certainly felt like I wanted to engage in something a bit deeper than a massage!

After we finished massaging each other, I drizzled some more oil down his front and carefully massaged his chest before working my way down to his genitals – and that worked extremely well. It has a similar consistency to the Stroke Oil we reviewed and works just as well. So that got a big thumbs up from the Mr!


Out of all three products we received for review from Good Clean Love, this is definitely my absolute favourite. Everything just works. The smell, the consistency, the fact it can be used in so many different ways… it’s just perfect. It left my skin feeling incredibly soft and supple after use, and the scent lingered on my skin for ages, long after it had been absorbed. A little also goes a long way, so this bottle will last absolutely ages. An absolute winner.

If you would like to give the Love Oil a try, you can order it directly from the Good Clean Love website for $19.99 for 120ml. Also available in Caribbean Rose or Origins scent.


I was sent this product free of charge, in exchange for an honest review by Good Clean Love. This does not affect my opinion of this, or any other product we receive for review. All experiences, thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. 

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