I like to think that I know everything about my husband. Well, at least everything that’s important. We’ve been together for 10 years, so if I don’t know him by now…

We decided to celebrate this year, by going away for a ‘romantic’ weekend. We chose a little cabin in the forest (with a private hot tub) – somewhere peaceful where we can just relax and enjoy each other’s company. It was going to be lovely.

In the run up to this weekend, I discovered that I didn’t know everything about the man I married. He had been keeping a dark secret from me. I was shocked when I found out, and initially I didn’t know what to do. It turns out he likes to be spanked.

How can I go 10 years without knowing that? Well, I guess you could say that I’ve always just been a very vanilla guy. It doesn’t take much to please me. It also doesn’t help that he is usually very quiet when it comes to discussing what he likes in the bedroom. It took me 4 years to introduce toys into our bedroom routine (and we haven’t looked back). So how did this all happen?

It was your usual Saturday night. I was feeling frisky and dragged him up to the bedroom. In the middle of testing some new toys, I threw all caution to the wind and took him roughly. In the heat of the moment, I slapped him, hard on the arse. And he loved it. He looked shocked. As did I. So I did it again… and I got the same reaction. Once it was over, I smiled at him “I had no idea there was a man who liked to be spanked hidden in there”.

“Neither did I?” he said, shyly. OH MY GOD! I could not have been more thrilled. I’ve always been desperately hoping that he would get the courage to ask to try something new and different… and this was now the perfect opportunity. I decided I had to get straight onto the web and order a box of naughty goodies to take away with us for the weekend. This included a spanker, hip whip, tickler, blindfold, cuffs and an array of other toys.

When it finally came to christen the new toys, a surge of excitement coursed it’s way through my body. I had him naked, on his stomach, with his hands cuffed over his head, blindfolded so he didn’t have a clue what was about to happen. I started slowly; I ran my feather tickler up and down his body. As he started to enjoy the soft, tingly sensations, I abruptly brought him back down to earth with a sharp THWACK on the bum with the spanking paddle. His body shuddered, and he moaned under his breath. I went back to the tickler, over his back, down over his bum and down his left leg… THWACK! – Right on the thigh. There was another shudder and another moan. I moved up the right leg, starting at his foot and working my way up… THWACK! Another victory for the spanker, as his body squirms – a small red mark now appearing on his right thigh.

I then mixed things up a little, and brought out the hip whip. I softly teased the tails between my fingers, as I stood there, surveying my little sub. I made him lie on his back, and started to gently run the soft, suede tails all over his body – his nipples, his groin… and just as he started to loosen up again, a quick flick of the wrist, and those tails whipped his legs. His arms. His chest. Even a gentle flick across his balls. He cried out. I panicked that I might have hit him a bit too hard… but he slowly opened his mouth and said “Again…” in a hushed whisper.

And for the next hour, this is what we did. I gently teased him with the tickler and the soft tails, followed by a sharp THWACK of the spanking paddle. Pleasure and Pain. Bitter and Sweet. I felt so alive, so in control. It was such a turn on to see him vulnerable. It led to one of the best sessions we have had in 10 years.

Afterwards, he just lay there with a big stupid grin on his face. And whilst I was so incredibly satisfied, I couldn’t help but feel angry.

Why the hell did I not find this out sooner?

This is just the beginning. I cannot wait to continue exploring our new dom/sub side of our relationship. We may be beginners, but I am a fast learner – and I have a more-than-willing student. Let the games begin…

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