Perhaps i’m not the right candidate to be reviewing a penis pump; but there comes a time when you say ‘f*** it’, it’s good to try new things. But sometimes that isn’t always the best way to do things…

Now I hold my hand up and say I chose to review this. I am inexperienced when it comes to pumps and penis enlargement gadgets; but this seemed almost foolproof, so I thought ‘What the hell’. So SheVibe very kindly sent the Cal Exotics Advanced Automatic Smart Pump over to me to review. Now I wanted to take a little longer to review this (for the obvious reason, you need to use it over a prolonged period to really see ‘results’), but also I did get into a little bit of an operational snafu which held me up (which I will get into more detail later on).

The Cal Exotics Advanced Automatic Smart Pump was sent to use free of charge in exchange for an honest review by SheVibe. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

First Impressions

The Smart Pump arrives in basic packaging, and inside you’ll find the Smart Pump, a USB cable, the low-profile donut orifice and an ultra-thick stroker sleeve. The pump itself is lightweight and has an internal chamber of 20cms. The diameter is 2.5 inches at the base and narrows down to around 2 inches towards the top.

The Smart Pump requires a 2 hour charge, and has a run-time of around 12 hours. It’s called a ‘Smart Pump’ as it features an automated ‘smart’ pumping mode. Set your desired pressure and then the pump runs a 20 minute work out for you. You can also use the pump manually if you would prefer (a feature suitable for those experienced with pumping).

So about the little ‘snafu’ we had. Like the moron I am, I lost the instruction leaflet. I knew how to vaguely operate the manual side of the pump; but the ‘smart’ functions was alluding me. After turning the house upside down; I conceited defeat and decided to reach out to the brand on twitter; so see if there was anyway they could send me a PDF of the instructions (or something). I sent a DM on June 19th. On the 24th, I then tweeted out… and they LIKED my comment.. but still no reply. I waited a couple of days and then tweeted AGAIN… still no reply.

Fortunately; another search of the bedroom managed to turn up the instructions and I was finally able to put the pump to the test properly. Whilst I will admit, I am someone who usually likes to blunder into things without the instructions; this was one time where I wanted to make sure I was 100% following correct operational instructions, so as to not cause injury.

In Use

So this technically isn’t my first experience with a pump. I have tried basic ‘bulb’ style pumps before, so I was vaguely aware of what sensations were awaiting me. Set up is quite simple. Simply attach the basic ‘donut’ style orifice to the base of the pump, slip inside and begin. Manual operation is as easy as pressing the power button. This activates the pump. The handy LCD screen shows you the amount of pressure currently being applied. You can then press the power button again to ‘hold’ the pressure, and then the air release button to free yourself.

The ‘Smart’ function requires a bit more set-up; you need to set yourself a manual pressure, then once programmed, it will go into a 20 minute program; where it will pressurise and then release. During the program, you can hold the pressure (up to a maximum of 10 minutes). Once you’ve figured everything out, it’s easy to use (but honestly, DO NOT lose the instructions!).

Initially, the first pumping session was pretty successful. After the 20 minutes, my erection felt slightly thicker, and after a masturbation session, the orgasm I had, felt more intense and stronger. The second session was pretty similar. This time, I got myself fully comfortable in bed, fired up some porn and engaged in a slow edging/pumping session. I kept the pressure relatively low as i’m still not overly comfortable with the sensation you get from pumping; but this is something that you will get used too, over time. You need to be careful to not go to hard/high with the pressure, especially if inexperienced. You risk bruising/rupturing blood vessels either below the surface of the skin or deep within the structure of the penis. This can lead to haemorrhaging (I have certainly read some horror stories).

There were times when the pressure got too high, and the sensation became one of pain; thankfully the automatic quick release is able to drop the pressure almost instantly – a safety feature I am very happy with. I’ve used the pump a few more times, and whilst the immediate result is always of a satisfactory level, the gains are very temporary, and i’ve seen no long term change. But this could also be down to me maybe not using it quite as I should; but honestly, finding 20 mins in my day to take some time out to just pump my penis, isn’t always easy. But as a precursor to intercourse, it definitely does help give me a stronger, thicker feeling and the orgasm is always a little more intense than without it.

The included masturbator sleeve is… OK. It’s quite a tight fit on it’s own, even more so after a pumping session. You can apparently use this whilst attached to the pump; but you can’t really use it with the pump as the noise it makes is just ridiculous; and you don’t want to shoot inside the pump, as clean-up is tricky. So use as a handheld sleeve is best and it’s just…OK. I’ve got better sleeves for that purpose.

Clean-up and Maintenance

I would certainly invest in a bottle brush for cleaning the inside of the pump. It’s not waterproof, and stray fluids can’t be easily cleaned out by hand. So a thin brush will be good for getting out any residue. a damp cloth can be used to clean the outside. The sleeve and the donut can be rinsed in water, but make sure these get put away promptly once dry, as they do gather dust and hair VERY easily.


To tell you the honest truth, whilst the pump is effective in helping me gain a thicker erection, it’s not something I really see myself reaching for again in the future. If I was to suddenly lose the ability to maintain an erection; then perhaps this would come in handy again. Sure it’s kind of a turn on watching your cock grow and fill the chamber; but it’s just an extra step in foreplay that I realistically don’t really need. But it does what it’s supposed to do, so if you are on the market for a new penis pump, the Advanced Automatic Smart Pump might be what you are looking for.

Where to Buy

You can pick up the Cal Exotics Advanced Automatic Smart Pump from SheVibe for $90.00 (£71.00)[at the time of writing].

I would like to thank SheVibe for sending us the Cal Exotics Advanced Automatic Smart Pump free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinions of this or any other product we receive for review. Affiliate links have been used in this post. If you wish to support the blog, please consider making your purchases through these links. Thank you! 

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