… what you REALLY REALLY want!

First of all, we’ve already surpassed the number of visitors and page views we had in September already and we still have 7 days of the month to go – so THANK YOU!


So I’ve posted a fair few reviews lately, and we have some guides and my very poor attempt at ‘erotic’ fiction (read “Porn”). I want to make sure that you guys that are taking the time out to browse the blog are happy and I would love to get some feedback on whether there is anything else you would like to see on this blog that you are not seeing now.

Do you want any more guides? If so, what do you want them on?

What types of toys do you prefer reading reviews for?

I know there’s plenty of people viewing the blog – do you love it? hate it? What would you change?

You can either let me know in the comments section, contact me via Twitter or you can use my lovely little contact form.

NB: Don’t worry – anything you send to me will only be used for the purposes of the blog and will NOT be passed on to any third parties. I don’t roll that way.