The following confessional comes with a small warning. Always be careful when engaging in the naughty outside and in/around water. But this was too juicy not to share…

So we got a hot tub over the summer. Not a really expensive one; just a collapsible foam one (as we have limited space) but it has proven to be an absolute god send. However it sat neglected for a little while due to us simply being too busy. But the opportunity arose recently for us to take advantage of some time in the ‘tub. You can’t beat a dip in a 40 degree tub whilst the air around you is freezing cold. Pure bliss.

So it’s Friday night and we decide that we are going to relish in the fact the neighbours are not around. I’ve had the tub warming up all morning, wine chilling in the fridge and i’m anxious/eager to just sit back and relax. The MR comes home from work, we have a cup of tea and debrief (no, not like that – not yet anyway). The light is slowly fading and the temperature is dropping outside. “Well I’m ready for a dip” I say to him, and I go outside to get things ready.

I’m in a romantic mood, and I pop up our large parasol and rest it over the tub. I painstakingly thread some fairly lights all through the canopy to create a twinkling star scape (as it was too overcast to see any real stars). I bring out the wine, some glasses and some towels. It’s absolutely freezing, but as soon as I lift off the lid to the tub, the steam rises in thick blankets and I can feel the warmth radiating on my face.

I dip my toe in. Oh yeah… I climb in and submerge myself up to my chin in the warm water. The MR follows in shortly. The first glass of wine goes down pretty quickly. The second follows at an even faster pace. It’s been a bit of a tough week and I wanted to just forget about it all and look forward to the weekend. Before I knew it, 2 bottles were gone. As I lay there, enjoying the massage jets as they worked their magic on my lower back, I felt his hands start to glide up and down my leg under the water. Despite being warm, I instantly got goosebumps. His hands travelled higher, until they were under my shorts. I couldn’t help myself – I was instantly aroused, and he noticed.

I closed my eyes and pretended I didn’t know what was going on, but his hand was soon groping me and I let out a small moan. The fact we were out in the open (even though it was just our garden) was a huge turn on. I soon came to my senses and shifted over to go in for a kiss. Our wet bodies rubbed together and my hands instinctively dove under the water, heading straight for his crotch. I was thrilled to feel he was just as excited as I was. Without wasting a second, I pulled his shorts down, exposing his cock above the water line.

I looked around, and up at the darkened windows of the two neighbouring houses. They were both in complete darkness, but still… But at that moment, I didn’t care if anyone could see. I held him afloat, slid underneath him and took him in my mouth. The taste of cock mixed with chlorine is not something I would normally enjoy, but I was completely caught in the moment. And so was he. His head tilted back. He was extremely hard. I nuzzled his neck whilst stroking him firmly. Under the water I pulled off my shorts and began to press myself against him. His moans indicated that this was a good move.

Now, lubrication is SO important – and if it wasn’t for the fact this was incredibly spur of the moment, I would have made sure that I had some handy. Water is (surprisingly) drying around orifices, so extra care must be paid if you are engaging in aquatic fun. But somehow, we managed it. He was floating atop the water, his cock waving about in the cool night air, whilst I was below, fucking him hard. It didn’t take us long to reach orgasm. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, the hot tub, the fact we were outdoors or the thrill of possibly being seen… all I know is that was one of the best sessions we’ve had in a long time. It was raw, animalistic and just down right naughty!

The downside was that we had to drain and clean out the tub the next morning… but that’s a small price to pay.


DISCLAIMER: Please be careful when engaging in sexual activity in and around water. The chemicals in the water can cause irritation, so please play carefully. The hot tub also makes the alcohol work faster, so it’s really advisable to NOT consume alcohol whilst in the hot tub. I won’t be drinking alcohol in the hot tub again! 

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