I’ve tried moulding kits in the past, to varying degrees of success.

But despite the fact that the results aren’t always what you are hoping for, the whole process can genuinely be quite fun, and it’s a great way to burn away some time on a cold, wet and miserable afternoon.

We have used the Clone-A-Willy kits a few times, and as I said, we had varying results. Sometimes it worked really well, other times it didn’t. I saw the Cloneboy kit, and as it was priced at least £13 more than the cheapest C-A-W kit, I figured that the quality must be better. Unfortunately, just because something is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s a better product…

First Impressions

Like the C-A-W kits, everything comes packaged in a clear plastic tube that will later on become the moulding tube which you insert your penis into, and then pour the moulding agent into. Inside the Cloneboy kit, you receive: 2 bags of moulding powder (so if your first attempt isn’t successful, then you can go again), 1 pot of pink silicone gel, 1 bottle of silicone hardener, 1 plastic glove, a cock ring, a rubber ‘sleeve’ and a stir-stick. You also receive a printed set of instructions. So far, everything seemed identical to the C-A-W kits, the main difference being there was more silicone, as the Cloneboy doesn’t have a vibrator.

Making the Mould

So we decided to have a go at making this one afternoon during our holiday, as a sort of ‘arts & crafts’ session, if you like. From past experiences with the C-A-W kit, it’s a good idea to have some ‘stimulating’ material on in the background, so we loaded up some good old fashioned gay porn and got to work preparing everything. You first of all need to measure the tube to the length of your erect penis, plus an additional 5cm. Then you need to cut the tube to size. You also need to make the tube smaller, so you’ll need to make sure you have some sellotape handy as you’ll need it to put the tube back together.

Unlike the C-A-W kit, the moulding gel doesn’t need warm water – just water straight from the tap is enough – however, this was where I foresaw the first problem. Generally speaking, penises and the cold don’t usually get on. However, it was only going to be for a couple of minutes, so hopefully it will be OK. After getting myself ‘ready’ it was time to mix the moulding agent. Best to use a bowl and a spoon you aren’t going to later cook with.

After pouring the powder into the bowl and then topping with 500ml of water, my other half began to mix for approx one minute until it was all blended and had formed a paste. In the mean time, I had placed the rubber ‘sleeve’ on the bottom of the tube, so I could slip through (the sleeve acts as a barrier) and was now waiting patiently. With the tube in place, the cock ring on, I was ready to have the cold goo poured onto my junk. As I foresaw, as soon as that cold goo started to work it’s way round my penis, I could immediately feel myself start to go flaccid. It really was not a pleasant feeling at all. After some creative jiggling of my penis (as it was touching the sides) the mould had set in about 2 minutes, and I was able to remove myself from the tube. Thankfully there seemed to be a decent enough impression, although I was completely flaccid as I came out of the tube.

Word of note: You really should do this in the bathroom – it’s very messy. I stupidly did this on the sofa of our holiday cabin (with a towel down) and moulding agent did dribble down onto the towel – however it was really easy to pick off once it had set.

Now unlike the C-A-W kit, which suggests leaving the mould for an hour or so to ‘dry out’ a little bit, the Cloneboy made no such reference, so I began to mix the silicone, ready to pour into the sad little hole where my penis had just been. After carefully mixing the silicone for one minute, then adding the hardener and stirring for another 2 minutes, it was time to pour. I carefully poured the silicone into the mould. It had ended up in such a way that there was a gap at the top, which meant I could keep pouring the silicone and create a flat, flared base which I thought would be a good idea.

It was now time to wait – 24 hours – before we would get to see how well it had worked. After a couple of hours, I’d noted that the white moulding agent was starting to turn pink – as if the silicone was starting to seep through into the mould. I was anxious that this hadn’t worked, that because the mould was ‘wet’ it was just going to turn into one big indistinguishable blob. But as the instructions made no reference to letting the mould dry, I told myself I had done everything as I should, and waited to see what the result was…

The Results

After waiting 24 hours, it was time to remove the mould and see what we were left with. Luckily, my fears of a great big silicone blob were alleviated when my penis popped out of the mould easily and in one piece. However, the result was not good. Where I had both started to go flaccid, and had twisted the tube to stop from touching the sides, I was left with a sad, twisted looking piece of silicone that did not truly look like my penis, at all. In fact, it made me feel very angry. The mould had picked up a decent amount of detail, but not nearly as much as the C-A-W kit did. There were a few air bubbles in places, but to some extent – it had ‘worked’ – I was indeed holding a ‘representation’ of my penis in my hand.

The ‘Silicone’ was quite firm, and just as I exerted a small amount of pressure to test the flexibility of the silicone, disaster struck:


That’s right – I decapitated my penis. With barely any effort at all – which confirms that the quality of silicone in these kits really is at the low end. I really wasn’t expecting it to break as easily as it did. I had never any intention of actually using the toy in any capacity, but seeing how quickly it broke made me feel better about not inserting it. And so, with a heavy heart – I had to throw my penis away.


I would never ever use anything created in these kits for internal gratification – I’m just not sure I can trust the material to be completely body safe – but for the fun ‘novelty’ aspect, they are a laugh to do. However this particular kit just didn’t really hit the mark. Using cold water to create the gel is the main problem – pouring cold goo onto your junk is an instant boner-kill in my book, and I’m certain it would be for other people too. That and the poor quality silicone just adds up to a completely disappointing experience. If you really want to give something like this a try, stick with the Clone-A-Willy kits. The results are much better, the quality of the silicone seems to be a bit better, and as long as you used a condom, you could probably get away with using it.

Where to buy

I ordered the Cloneboy kit from Lovehoney UK and is currently part of the 3 for £75 offer.

Visiting from the US? You can order yours from Lovehoney US and it’s also part of the 3 for $120 offer.